MEND Accuse Angola Of Torturing Detained Leader

Less than twenty four hours after releasing sever hostages who were kidnapped two days ago, Nigerian rebel group, Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta is accusing the Angolan government of torturing one of its leaders, Henry Okah who has been detained in Angola since September this year without charges.

A MEND source who spoke with the Times of Nigeria from Angola said Henry (Okah) was woken up at night and put in chains then forcefully dragged into a truck and taken to an unknown location. He was able to communicate from the faeces invested pit he was thrown into.”

The MEND source said that the group is holding the Nigerian government responsible for Okah’s torture.

“We will hold the Nigerian government responsible for anything that happens to Henry. It is the Nigerian government that is responsible for his predicament. He has not done anything illegal in Angolan and has not been charged with any offence by the country.”

“This is a clear violation of his human rights and we are calling on all those interested in peace in Niger Delta and the whole of Nigeria to prevail on Yar’Adua and his government to see that justice is done. Henry must be set free or charged to court in Angola if he has indeed committed any crime against the laws of the country.”

“What has the Angolans convicted him of to warrant such a treatment?”

MEND said it believes that the first email that came out claiming responsibility for the attack on Shell EA fields was put out by the Nigerian government to incriminate Okah.

“We are now beginning to fear that that fake email statement which emphasised on attacking Angolan interest was made up by the government.”


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