Supreme Court Decides Omehia’s Fate Today!

The Supreme Court will today decide whether or not Governor Celestine Omehia of Rivers State was qualified to stand election as the candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in the last general elections.

An appeal was brought before the apex court by Mr Rotimi Amaechi,former speaker of Rivers state Assembly who was substituted by the party.


2 responses to “Supreme Court Decides Omehia’s Fate Today!

  1. Don Juan-Carlos ABRAXAS (III)

    The hot news around Port Harcourt Garden City is that Sir (Barrister) Celestine Omehia, under the direct or/and remote control of Sir (Dr.) Peter Odili, (a nationally acknowledged treasury looter and the personification of corruption in Nigeria), has been evacuating the Rivers State treasury as a matter of deliberate survival strategy, initiating capital intensive white elephant projects by the day, buid in a massive private chateau in GRA Port Harcourt, and ain his village of origin, Ubima, near Imo State, and openly BRIBING both Appeal Court and Supreme Court Judges. Of recent, wooping amount of funds were moved from the Zenith Bank account of Rivers State, converted into dollar bills, and sent for gratifying five (5) of the Supreme Court Judges that would decide on the Omehia/Amaechi case, with the sum of US$3 million each! Whether Sir (Barrister) Celestine Omehia wins or loses, the EFCC is cordially invited to look closely at the dynamics of funds transfers and movements by the government of Sir (Barrister) Celestine Omehia, from 30 May 2007 to date. From every indication, the guy is several orders WORSE than his Godfather, vis-a-vis treasury wpe out operations!

  2. As I write, Omehia has been sacked by the Supreme Court and to be replaced by Hon. Rotimi Amaechi

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