Obasanjo Escapes Mob Attack!

The former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, escaped being attacked by a mob which threatened him in Abuja last night.

The incident occurred at the lobby of the Transcorp Hilton Hotel where the former leader has been holing up for weeks on end, reportedly influencing events within the ruling Peoples Democratic Party and the National Assembly.

Obasanjo is chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees.

A source said, he had come downstairs from his suite at about 7:30a.m. in order to attend a caucus meeting of the PDP somewhere in the city when a crowd of guests in the hotel caught sight of him.

The crowd reportedly began to make cat-calls at him and as he walked unperturbed, became increasingly excited.

They called him names and began to mobilise to attack him.

Sensing danger, Obasanjo’s security aides and the hotel staff battled to get him to the hotel car park and pushed him into his car.

They couldn’t wait for the car to pick him up at the reception entrance.

Obasanjo got back to the hotel at 11:10 p.m. and sneaked back into his suite.

By Leadership Newspaper


13 responses to “Obasanjo Escapes Mob Attack!

  1. Serve that imbecile right. I know african tradition forbid been rude to our elders but this God forsaken bastard called Obasanjo deserves what happened to him. He would surely get is just desserts very soon. He who eats with the devil shall deal with the devil.

  2. this is just a tip of the iceberg. he should expect worse than that during the up coming convention from his own party faithfuls

  3. Obasanjo, Allah will never let you free, nemesis would start catching you day by day. and you would never escape


  5. oh thats not fair, how can you call a baboon an imbecile? i neva knew that baboona also hav imbeciles amongst them. it was reallyb surprising to hear that he was attacked cos it goes a longway to show that nigerians are not afraid of wild animals. May God Bless all those who took part inthe attempted attack i wish u a sucessful attack next time

  6. Obasanjo will more of his evil doings while office as a dictator and killer life.God will surely punish him and those work with him to deal with Nigerians.
    A coward who does not respect Rule of Law and people.He should be happy that my type of person were not there when the the mobs want to attack him.He should be ASHAMED for giving NIGERIANS to Cameroun.Obasanjo deserve to be Executed in Public.Idiot man.

  7. Obasanjo will see more of his evil doings while in office as a dictator and killer,life.God will surely punish him and those who work with him to deal with Nigerians.
    A coward who does not respect Rule of Law and people.He should be happy that my type of person were not there when the the mobs want to attack him.He should be ASHAMED for giving NIGERIANS to Cameroun.Obasanjo deserve to be Executed in Public.Idiot man.

  8. Nigerians can not forgive yeye Obasanjo and his children for selling Nigerian to the Western world.Nigerians will never Obasanjo for giving business opportunity to Dangote sole authority to feed millions of Nigerian ,as sole distributor of rice in Nigeria,Even selling all the refineries to Oredola and Dangote including himself and committing more and more not yet known by Nigerians.Iga Anwu onwu ka okuko,Big goat.

  9. Don Juan-Carlos ABRAXAS (III)

    Next time around, I recommend that they should aim Kalashnikov (AK 47) rifles accurately at the centre of gravity of Balogun Owu, Chief (General) Okikiolakan Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo’s thick skull, and end him directly to the hereafter, via hell! Scaliwag!

  10. Obasanjo deserve to be kill by Nigerian public for his mayhems as a dictator while in govt and wicked ways.Reverend Obasanjo ,shame unto you.You think that Nigerian is Ota farm where you keep people in prison.You will never go unpunish.Useless man.Abua

  11. I think president Yar dua is still under the influence of this beast called OBJ,i pray that the tribunal should sack this inexpeience Obasanjo-impossed president.He(Yar dua) is only playing some tricks to deceive Nigerians,he is OBJ’s rubber stamp.

  12. You all saying these bad comments about OBJ are suffering from “ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER”. What has the man done that will warrant such attack from these ‘wolves in sheep’s clothings?’ People throwing stones at other people should realise that if in any little way they perpetrate like characteristics as the one they are hurling stones at, stones will also be hurled at them. How many of such people charging at OBJ are not involved in such gimmicks? They underpay their workers, sack them, steal funds from their offices, etc.

    I have come to realise that Nigerians do not appreciate good leaders. IBB moves about freely in the country and no body is bold enough to insult him let alone charge at him. Yet they charge at OBJ. All of una when they write against OBJ hear, make una check una self. Una no dey chop money from una office illegally? I am sure some of u will be hoping against hope to meet him in person to have a share of his wealth; or maybe to have a person like that in your family. If u were in OBJ’s shoes and u refused to siphone public funs, your family will disown u. Come to think of it, wat make you think that he is a thief? LET HIM THAT IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE.

  13. I am never in support of violence but I think Obasanjo needs to be told that he left us a legacy of suffering. I recently travelled from Lagos to Lokoja via the Ilesa -Akure axis and came back to Lagos throught the Benin axis i.e Lokoja – Benin-Lagos. It was hell. Our inter and intra city road after 8 years of so called reforms is a nightmare. A person coming to Nigeria for the first time would be forgiven if he thinks that he is in a war zone. The raods are full of car destroying craters (not potholes). The do or die rigging and fix it elections he conducted all over the country is sure to leave the country in a limbo for the next 3 years or so. The results of the voodoo April 2007 elections are bing turned down everyday and re-election ordered. The losers are racing to the appeal courts to overturn the verdicts. Those whose elections are still pending before Tribunals are sleeping with one eye open. All this means no governance would be done in most states until the lecetion petitionis are finally disposed off. The arrange leadership Obasanjo put in the National Assembly has all but brought legislative activities to a halt. The President cannot read his 2008 budget and one power hungry woman is clinging to power at all costs. The House of Reps have not mnoved a singlr motion yet it has gone on recess about 8 times in less than 6 months. Wither the legace of Obasanjo???

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