MEND Frees Hostages

Six foreign oil workers who were kidnapped from an offshore oil field in the Niger Delta were released Tuesday after three days in captivity, officials said.

Gunmen in speedboats kidnapped the workers at dawn Friday from the Mystras, some 50 miles offshore. Another Nigerian worker was reported to have been wounded in the leg in the attack.

Locals for years have demanded a greater share of the wealth in Africa‘s largest crude producer, and the region remains desperately poor despite its great natural bounty.

A militant group, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, has claimed responsibility for Friday‘s attack.

The group, which threatened last month to resume attacks after one of its leaders was arrested in Angola, vowed to continue the violence.

 – AP


One response to “MEND Frees Hostages

  1. Mone Kingdom (somewhere)

    The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has keep this innocent workers for too long before letting them go, but all the same that you (MEND) released them and Jomo, I hope the release was done without any money being receive by your Group MEND on their released? We all are in one way or the other facing the pain and hardship been cause be the Nigeria Government and Oil Companies but innocent ones (Workers) should not be the people or tools for carrying out your agitation. Jomo, I will not stop my advise for you and the entire MEND member now, to change your strategy for the people of Niger Delta to see and reason with your fight, most Niger Deltans will like to join in the fight but your strategy, process and and aims will not allow them to do so. If this is not done ontime the people of the region will be lift with no other option then to give information about you and detail of your operation.
    The people of the region know when and how your group carry out your operation, let them see your fight as a just fight and you are fighting for them rather for yourself interest.

    However, you Government of Nigeria, they (MEND) are kidnapping and at the same time releasing the Hostage after some days, not because you (Government) or the Oil Company negotiation with the kidnappers but the Militant is using the strategy and money collected, in buying more time for them self and at the same time building up their weapons, one day soon they will strike or attack be young the Niger Delta region.

    It surprise me that this attack was not in most of the News Headline in most Nigeria news stands, the truth is that MEND is in operation in the Niger Delta, but the medias must make their operation and their attack known to the entire Nation for Nigerians to find a solution the this trouble region before they (MEND) become a world terrorist.

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