Dimeji Bankole Elected New Nigerian Speaker!

By Samm Etuk Jr

During a keen election conducted this morning at the House of Representatives in Abuja, Oladimeji  Bankole representing a constituency in Ogun State emerged as the new Speaker replacing sacked Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Ette, who was booted out in disgrace when the house reconvened last Tuesday.

The Peoples Democratic Party,PDP chieftains had favoured Osun State representative George Jolaoye, whom the party picked as a compensation for the state since the Mrs Ette hails from the same state. They actually campaigned for him and even the former speaker voted for him on the floor of the house today.

Bankole, the new speaker who poled 303 votes to outshone Jolaoye, who got 20 votes was nominated Sam Osagie from Edo State and seconded by Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu from Anambra. All the dropped House leaders joined the Integrity group to vote for Bankole, who is said to be very close to the group. Jolaoye was nominated Abass Adeogun and seconded by Ajibade Michael.

Before the election conducted by the clerk of the House, Nasiru Arab, and supervised by  the Speaker extempore, Terngu Tsegba, the anti-Ette group had lobbied intensely for Bankole, who has very good rapport with his colleagues.

Bankole in an interview with the Times of Nigeria said that he is going to represent Nigerians, who elected them and make the house more vibrant than ever before.

“I am taking over the mantle of leadership at a very difficult time. But these are hard times, we need to build confidence again and assure the populace that we are still their representatives. I want an independent house that Nigerians will be proud of, this is my first task,” he said.


11 responses to “Dimeji Bankole Elected New Nigerian Speaker!

  1. I want to use this medium to congratulate the members of integrity group for their exemplary roles in advancing the course of democracy in Nigeria.
    To the leadership of PDP, this is another way of appealing to their sensibility to do away with their usual way of imposing candidates with total disregard to the tenants of rule of law and democracy.
    To Hon Demeji Bankole, i congratulate you on your election and your pedigree clearly gives me the confidence that your tenure will not only be a success to the House but the entire nation.
    I also wish to state that i was actually of the opininon that the next speaker should come from Osun or Ondo state but not Ogun……..Just for political balancing……but it is still South West.

  2. osigwe omo ikirodah

    the best thing that has happened to democracy in nigeria.the era of anointing is far gone and today we believe that nigeria shall be great again.this should serve as a lesson to obj to retire in peace and leave democracy to strengthen again in nigeria.
    shame to our looters whom have turned nigeria into an almost hopeless nation.

  3. I comend the house for steadfastly fighting corruption. I commend the house for honouring the principles of democracy and and objecting to the PDPs “will” and electing someone capable of retoring Nigerians trust in the House. Finally I congratulate Mr. Bankole, and I hope he will stand up to the promises of his pedigree. I am happy to see an educated, energetic, and charismatic Nigerian at the helm, regardless of his state of origin. Good luck Mr. Bankole, God bless.

    Secondly, to Mr. fellow responder, Mr. Olabiyi, who is shamelessly celebrating Nepotism, I present todays Nigeria as a case file of the consequences of your tought process. We need to adopt a policy, just like the House has, were the best Nugerians are appointed to the best posible positions, where they can serve the best interest of Nigeria, and not that of their pockets or a selected few.

  4. At last the persons who took Nigerian for granted are gone for good. I hope this will serve as a big lesson for the new Speaker, his deputy, and all public holders not to MESS WIH NIGERIANS.

  5. I am so happy that things were getting better for the nation. Hoping that the looters should be jailed and the assets send back to the treasury. May Almighty Allah Bless our nation, NIGERIA.

  6. (1) Hon. President – University qualifications

    (2) Hon. Vice-President – University qualifications

    (3) Hon. Speaker House of Representatives -Univerity qualifications

    (4) “Honourable!” Senate President – ARMY QUALIFICATIONS + AREA BOY QUALIFICATIONS

  7. Its good to see an young educated man take the post of speaker of the house, i hope he will set an example for the upcoming younger genaration who are fed up with the poor image the country has outside.
    Wish him the best and for real we need young educated men in more positions in Nigeria

  8. I think Bankole can be successful, only if he joins ‘beta’ (- better) party. The party he is has among them: Ali, Obasanjo, Babangida, Patricia Etteh, etc, etc. Haba!

  9. This is another gud achievement for Nigeria, I pray that God will increasese his knownledge.

  10. Dimeji’s father said that his son – the new Speaker will not disappoint Nigerians!
    He better don’t even dream about disappointing Nigerians because we won’t tolerate NO NONSENCE!

  11. williams ayo tunde

    for the man that spent nigeria money somethings million have to diea because the did not do any thing to this country. in our communit they use to say they need the youth in our communit if our govt or president in our county they afford youth like us to talk that we be a gud thing for us because our guvt they like money they arre after money. if they can let the youth in this communit talk that we be better in this some one spent 642millions that person most diea i did not whatt to no him becase is full he think is smart then is not smart like some like our fommer president in this country

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