Ibori’s Wife Released After Arrest In London

The British Police today released the wife of former Delta State governor, James Ibori, after she was arrested on at the Heathrow Airport on her while waiting to board a plane to Nigeria.

“I can confirm that she is no longer in custody. She has been released. If you haave her personal number and called her she will pick up her” Sergeant Atkin of the Metropolitan Police told The Times of Nigeria over the phone.

 “We are not allowed to discuss the case any further with you because of privacy rules.” He added.

Theresa Ibori, arrest is believed to be connected to her husband’s ongoing investigation by the British Police which froze his assets in the United Kingdom last month. The case is the subject of a going legal battle in British court.

A British judge had last month ruled that Ibori’s assets be unfrozen due to the inability of the police to tender evidence that the assets were proceeds of criminal activities. The Police appealed that ruling and an Appeals Court reinstated the freeze and gave the police an extension to tender evidence against Ibori.


3 responses to “Ibori’s Wife Released After Arrest In London

  1. Mone Kingdom (Somewhere)

    Arresting her at the Heathrow Airport and releasing her is the other side of the story, anybody body can be arrested or been pick up by the police at any international Air-port for interrogation but in the arrest of Mrs.T.N. Ibori, why will the MET arrest and intercept the Governor wife in her process to connect her flight to Lagos? If not for Immigration reasons and that of security, I think that’s unfair for a traveler but not as a Governor wife because she is not in any way be invited for interrogation or been declared wanted by the MET officers and she refuse to show up.
    Beside, taking her into custody, if it’s in connection to her husband’s ongoing investigation by the British Police which froze his assets in the United Kingdom last month that is totally against the right of a travelers and the law but if for other reasons they (MET) arrest her that will be understood.
    Chief. James Ibori case is still under investigation by the MET, should they need him or his wife for interrogation why will they (MET) not invite them for such rather than intercepting her connecting flight to Lagos.

    I think Mrs.T.N Ibori should do something concerning her delay and interception of her flight to Lagos should her arrest is connected with her husband case, but if not, she should tell us what happened for us to know how we comment. England is a place where the law is at everybody reach, and we need more details of her arrest before such making a news headlines.

  2. Very well said! I also understand that in effecting the arrest, the Metropolitan police invited a BBC crew to give their operation full press coverage!!!

    As usual, ignorance has been taken for granted. It is understood that Mrs Ibori lives not far away from the police station she was taken to, so the question remains as to why she was arrested several miles away from her home and on her way to board a flight.

    And as the former commentator indicated, the law is within everyone’s reach in the UK. The Met had better start organising its legal defence to violating a passenger’s rights. It is nobody’s fault if the organization was misled to undertake prior arrests without convincing evidence (as requested by the courts) to win a case.

    Meanwhile back at home, the EFCC should start preparing answers to the Nigerian public as to the extent of cooperation they have given the MET. They so far have succeeded in furnishing lobby websites with investigative materials in their possession. We need to see those materials used in a COURT of LAW.

  3. he should be held to pay for the damages he has done to we the people of DELTA STATE and NIGERIA in general

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