House Speaker Shuts Up Critics, Circulates NYSC Discharge Cert!

In a move designed to put a lid to the raging controversies on whether he participated in the mandatory one year National Youth Service scheme or not, Honourable Dimeji Bankole, Speaker of the House of Representatives this morning circulated photocopies of his discharge certificate from the scheme at the premises of the National Assembly. There have been speculations in the past few days about the authenticity of the new Speaker’s academic qualifications as well as whether he served in the NYSC scheme or not.

The rumour was allegedly being peddled by some lawmakers in the lower chambers of the National Assembly who are not happy with Bankole’s emergence as the Speaker of the House.

Some members of the National Assembly under the platform of Integrity Group who were instrumental to the emergence of the Speaker had subsequently challenged the Speaker to redeem his image by making his discharge certificate available to the public if he indeed participated in the one year mandatory scheme.

But the number four citizen who said he would only discuss the issue of the NYSC discharge certificate when he gets it from his hometown of Abeokuta, in Ogun State, finally heeded the call of the Intergrity Group and other Nigerians this morning in Abuja.

A photocopy of the discharge certificate circulated by the aides of the Speaker in the premises of the National Assembly with the name Bankole Dabor Oladimeji indicated that the nation’s number four citizen did his NYSC programme in the Federal Capital Territory between 2 February 1998 to 1st February, 1999.

The discharge certificate has as its number FCT/FRN/97/99823.

Honourable Bankole had also yesterday challenged journalists to go the Abuja national headquarters of the NYSC to confirm or disprove the allegations that he did not participate in the scheme during an interactive session with reporters.

But enquiries at the Abuja NYSC National Secretariat have not yielded any dividend as at the time of filing in this report as a result of the usual bureaucratic red-tapism.

Also, some of those who claimed to have served with the Abeokuta born lawmaker have been coming to his defence.

One of such persons is Abdulrazak Tumba, a manager at the National Assembly branch of Oceanic Bank. The banker brought a picture showing Bankole and his colleagues at the Kubwa Orientation Camp of NYSC which was displayed to journalists yesterday during an informal press briefing.

Also, one of the Speaker’s friends also vouched before reporters that Bankole indeed took part in the mandatory scheme.

Apart from the NYSC issue, the Speaker has also challenged those who are disputing his educational qualifications to contact the schools he claimed to have attended to seek further clarifications.

The Speaker said he never went to Sandhurst military academy but only took courses for military officers at Oxford University where he was in the Artillery Corps and even won some medals.

The Speaker, who gave his service number as 24883329, further challenged his critics to go to the Website of Oxford University to verify his claims.

Meanwhile, Dr. Babs Hussain, Director, Nigerian Intelligence Study Group, said the fact that Bankole served in the British Army poses a serious risk by virtue of the position he now occupies in the country.

According to him, “loyalty and allegiance are serious issues in the milieu of sovereignty of any nation.”

 – PM News


6 responses to “House Speaker Shuts Up Critics, Circulates NYSC Discharge Cert!

  1. Hooray! So, we have a Speaker who was/is not dodgy afterall!
    We (Nigerians) would have condemned you. You see, we are very much like the Isrealites who one day were singing ‘Hosanna’, but shortly afterwards started saying: ‘Crucify him!’

  2. Hope this is GENUINE certificate, and not ‘Genje’. Your papa belong to that past era. He could have gone to OLUWOLE!

  3. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    Good on you Dimeji. I had always thought that the mudslingers were at work again.

  4. To Dr Babs Hussain, what will you say about a Nigerian that was voted as a moyor in the Republic of Ireland. I cannt understand understand the threat Hon Bankole’s former membership of British army will do to delivery of his duties in the house. Are saying by being a former British soldier, he has lost his Niegerianness. Or are saying those in diaspora who have been in societies where the systems work should stay away so that the current rot in Nigeria should continue. Am more sad by your comment because you were address as doctor, who should encourage people with international experience to go to that country and save it from the hand of these illiterate thugs that are ruling Nigeria. Please change ur thinking.
    SH, UK

  5. To Harrydray: Hey, Dr. Hussain was right to say
    what he said. Nigeria CAN NOT afford to have a Speaker who does something our Constitution diallows, & this is Democracy – he can express his view. I personnaly would love Bankky to succeed, but he better play by “The Rule of Law” – Yar’Adua!

  6. Its good that Bakole has presented his discharge cert. We need to find out if he was due redeployed from Abuja to Ogun State. It is possible for someone to be officially serving in Abuja whereas he is physically in working in his fathers coy. That will also mean dodging the service

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