Abuja Loses Commonwealth Games Bid!

By Patricia Nwaolai

Abuja’s bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games crashed in the Sri Lanka city of Colombo when Glasgow won with a vote of 47 to 24 throwing the Scottish city into wild celebrations and residents and bid officials of Nigeria’s capital city in forlorn.

Glasgow had been competing against Nigerian capital Abuja for the right to host the games.

The announcement was greeted with delight by hundreds of people who had gathered in Glasgow’s George Square to hear the result.

Motorists also joined in the celebrations by blaring their horns.

It has been estimated that it will cost the city £288m to stage the sporting event, with most of the funding coming from the Scottish Government.

Julia Bracewell OBE, chairwoman of Sportscotland, said it was “fantastic news”.

“Hosting such a high profile event will undoubtedly help to drive sport forward at all levels, increasing participation and improving performance.

“It will provide Scottish athletes with the advantage of competing and being supported on home soil.

“And as importantly, it will give coaches, officials and volunteers the experience of a lifetime.”

During the final presentation Louise Martin, chair of the Commonwealth Games Council for Scotland, said Glasgow would provide “a games that will inspire everyone for generations.”

“A games that will have grown and developed when we pass the baton to the next host city.”

First Minister Alex Salmond said: “The Commonwealth Games really do matter to Scotland.

“They matter because they are the only multi-sport games in which our nation competes, as ourselves, ‘as Scotland’.”

Additional report from BBC News


5 responses to “Abuja Loses Commonwealth Games Bid!

  1. Don Juan-Carlos ABRAXAS (III)

    Thank God!

  2. Millions are walloping in abject poverty in Nigeria but leaders were going about to bid for a game. The results sevr Nigeria well. It would have been a good thing for Nigeria but even if it is given to the country it would have been used as avenue to craete some new millionaires overnight through inflated contracts. The authorities would have allocated funds that will be good enough to build up to 2 new national stadia for the renovation of omne ( remember, Ettegate). I reeally sympatize that good leaders such as Gowon allowed his esteemed self to be dragged to the place. It should have been left to the Good(bad)lucks &co. The youths of Nigeria will one day see what they want. The hosting rights of games will be given to Nigeria when good government and accountability returns. This is not to be given legitimizen this Yaradua /Obasanjo Interim Govenment. ( Ijoba Fidihe) will fall in Jesus name

  3. nigeria dnt deserve the right to host the game.. cuz it will only increase corruption… all those ministers with their big belly.. they stil not satisfied with their loots… GOd help these greedy bastards

  4. huh?Hm yeah, its all good!

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