Charge Of Racism Trail Nigeria’s Commonwealth Games Bid Loss!

Patricia Nwaolai with Agency reports

A visibly disappointed Jonathan and Yakubu Gowon clap after the announcement 

Disappointed by the outright rejection of Abuja’s bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Nigerian bid officials are throwing up charges of racism and “predetermined outcome” by members of the Commonwealth Games Family.

Leading the pack is Nigeria’s Vice President, Goodluck Jonathan, head of delegation to Colombo, Sri Lanka where the winner was announced. Jonathan slammed the Games Family saying the overwhelming defeat suffered by Abuja was unfair to Africa.

However, Kenya African and World half marathon champion, Moses Tanui was more pointed in his criticism of the Games Family accusing it racism.

Tanui, who was one of Abuja Bid Ambassadors, said “it is obvious the white members of the commonwealth d o not like Africans.’

Other Nigerians on the country’s Games Bidding Committee and indeed some Africans here spoke in the same vein after the 71-member Commonwealth Games Federation awarded the 2014 games to Glasgow, Scotland, with a 47-24 vote here.

Reacting to the defeat, Vice President Jonathan, who lead the powerful Nigeria n delegation which included former Nigerian leader, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, to the CGF general assembly, said he believed the games family was unkind in failing to award Abuja the hosting right of the Games.

“They were unfair to the Nigerian and African bid,” Jonathan told newsmen sho rtly after Abuja was beaten.

He said given all that the Nigerian bid committee had put on show to deserve the hosting right, they (the games family) denied Abuja, and indeed the whole of Africa, the opportunity to showcase their hospitality should the games be held in Nigeria.

Abdulrahman Gimba, Chairman of the National Sports Commission (NSC) and Minister of Sports and Social Development, said the defeat showed a predetermined outcome.

“I am satisfied that we put up a good fight,” Gimba added.

Habu Gumel, the President of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC), said “we gave the bid our best shot.”

Nigerian Senator, Bukar Abba Ibrahim, said the outcome of the ballot was an indication that Africans did not have a future in the Commonwealth, while another N igerian Dr. Tijani Yusuf of the Ministry of Sports, said the result was enough i n dication that it would take Africa a long while to have the opportunity of hosting the Games.

Even Gen. Gowon was shocked when the CGF President Mike Fennell called out the result. A roundly-disappointed Gowon, the head of the Nigerian Bid Committee, threw his arms up in despair and managed a wry smile.

Fennel later told Gowon “I hope it doesn’t end there”, a statement seen by man y as very distasteful.

Other disappointed Africans also commented on the defeat. Zambian NOC President, Mirian Moyo, said she could not believe the wide margin with which Glasgow won .

“I expected a close race,” she lamented.


5 responses to “Charge Of Racism Trail Nigeria’s Commonwealth Games Bid Loss!

  1. We should stop accussing the organisers as racists for not appointing our city as the venue. They gave their reasons, which was very reasonable. We are not prepared because we don’t have the necessary facilities! There have got to be some necessary things in place!
    Tanui, who was one of Abuja Bid Ambassadors and others are talking rubbish, and should not be too over-sentimental. We could be accussed of: “Inferiority Complex!”

  2. Since we have refused to advance our dear country beyond the dreams of cattle rearers,we should not expect the civilised world to reduce themselves to our level, I hope we stop the blame game and look at ourselves critically.

  3. I am a Nigeria but I am very happy that Abua failed in it’s bid to get the nod to hold the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It would have been another source of draining our national wealth Considering the state of our infrastructure and the tardiness of our public services like transportation e.t.c. It would take the Government billions of dollars to bring Abuja to a state of readiness for the games. I belive that woith the state of the nation now we could use those billions of doallrs for better things like the betterment of the lives of our long suffering people. We know that the hosting thing was a madness inherited from Obasanjo by Yaradua and he had no option but to see it to the end. But if Yaradua is anything near wjat those that know himsay he is then am sure deep in his heart he would be happy that we don t have to waste such amount of money on hosting the games when there is still so much left undone in our societ. Shone of all sentiments about giving the Games to an African country; if we must be honest to ourselves we would agree that the Abuja bid was dead on arrival. Glasgow had a better and more attractive bid than Abuja>

  4. Africa and most of her reps in international environment lack proper analysis of their responsibilities, hence, other non-Nigerian Abuja bidders have failed woefully to understand why Nigeria cannot and will never be granted a host status for any seriouse world event. The result of deciet and mis-information of the situation in Nigeria will continue to lead them to wasteful ventures untill the so-called Nigerians and one-Nigerianists wakes up and preach reality. Nigerian failed bid alone have cost millions of dollars that have been wasted all because of the deciet on the situation (political, eceonmical, human-right and infastructural) in Nigeria. Untill Nigeria recognised the right to self determination and all that comes with it’s demand, she will continue to be percieved as a decietful entity, a failed nation.

  5. Nigeria is learning!
    “Things Are Getting Better !” – in JESUS name!!!

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