AC Slams Obasanjo For Hailing ‘Anarchist’ Adedibu

The Action Congress (AC) yesterday described as insensitive, reckless and saddening, former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s glorification of Ibadan controversial politician, Lamidi Adedibu, despite what it called the latter’s penchant for anarchic and divisive politics.

In a statement issued in Abuja by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said Obasanjo’s description of Chief Adedibu as the ‘father of PDP’ was the greatest disservice anyone could do to a rudderless ruling party, that is already weighed down by a garrison mentality, senseless killings and do-or-die politicking.

It said Obasanjo’s statement also signified the contempt with which he holds Nigerians. It provides an insight into the pervasive lawlessness and impunity that hallmarked his administration, AC said.

“With an anarchist as the father of the PDP, Nigerians now know it will be a waste of time to expect anything good from the ruling party.

“Adedibu, to all law abiding citizens of Nigeria, symbolizes lawlessness, impunity, garrison mentality, gross indiscipline as well as ‘amala’ and do-or-die politics.

“This ‘father of PDP’ is the same man who hijacked INEC machines and carried out a parallel voter’s registration before the last polls; the man behind the beating up of the wife of the present Olubadan, who also recently sent thugs to beat up a representative of the Monarch; the man who sacked the state broadcasting corporation and the man who barred NAFDAC from carrying out its lawful duties.

“This is the man who has been disowned by all the entire Ibadan elite for turning one of Africa’s best known cities into a theatre of thuggery. This is the man being hailed by a former President of a foremost African nation as the father of its ruling party,” AC said.

The party said if the statement was a joke by Obasanjo, it was definitely a joke carried too far as it reflects badly on all decent Nigerians and represented a mockery of President Umaru Yar’Adua’s avowed commitment to the rule of law.

The AC also blamed the police, the State Security Service (SSS) and other government agencies for turning Adedibu to an untouchable, even when evidence abounds of his crass lawlessness and disturbance of the public peace.

It said the deification of Adedibu can only embolden him to continue to make Oyo State a no-go area for decent politicians, leaving the stage for “lick-spittles and figure heads” like Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala.

In Ibadan, Senator Lekan Balogun said: “Chief Obasanjo, was talking to himself. He was on his own, The PDP is a national organisation and there is no constitution for exclusive ownership of the parrty even by the former President.

“I had always thought Adedibu was acting on his own and I thought Obasanjo would not condone Adedibu, but from the careless outburst of the former President, we are wiser now.

“It is obvious from the statement that all the evils and the activities of Adedibu enjoyed Obasanjo’s backing when he was in office”.

Alerting the national leadership of the PDP of the grave consequencies of Obasanjo’s statement, Balogun said: “The National leadership of the party should take notice of Obasanjo’s outburst. The options before the national leadership is either to rebuke the outburst or the PDP will commit suicide in the South Western part of Nigeria and perhaps in the country soon, because men of goodwill across the country will be nauseated by the pronouncement.

“The reformed PDP in the South West will not condone it, it will resist it by all constitutional means available. We certainly now know that Obasanjo’s BOT Chairmanship would not serve the interest of the South West. The battle is getting more exciting and we are battle ready now that we know who our enemies are. Oyo elite in particular should take it serious and be battle ready”, Balogun advised.

– The Nation 



4 responses to “AC Slams Obasanjo For Hailing ‘Anarchist’ Adedibu

  1. Nigeria will never again have these 2 thugs in our midst – in JESUS name!!! Adedibu will soon die, anyway; then shortly after, OBJ. That would be good riddiance, & meanwhile, Nigeria will live for ever – in JESUS name!!!

  2. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    To Ayotunde

    The above comment is absolutely reprehensible. How anyone who claims to believe in God could wish another death is beyond me.

    Without a doubt, Mr Adedibu is a pain in the arse whilst Obasanjo is a recalcitrant and delinquent adult as never seen before but should we wish death or repentance on them? I’m quite clear it’s the latter; it’s unchristian to wish death on anybody.

    People ought to realise that God is not an evil instrument of human being but a loving and forgiving God.

  3. I repent. Sorry, I wish them dead.

  4. Obasanjo, Adedibu.Remember Abacha,And Sergent Doe?They are tyrants like you and you will die a more brutal death than that of the sergent Doe. That is my wish for you.Baba Iyabo please leave us alone in Oyo state. Stay put in Ogun .
    MAY YOU BOTH NOT LIVE TO SEE 2008.You have killed, and you shall die in the same manner.

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