Adamawa: Atiku Hails Verdict But Wants AC Candidate Declared Governor

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar said today that the Election Petitions Tribunal in Adamawa State should have ordered the swearing in of Action Congress governorship candidate, Ibrahim Bapetel as the winner of the April 14, election.

 Atiku said the Action Congress in Adamawa State would appeal the decision of the tribunal to nullify the election of Murtala Nyako without declaring AC Candidate Ibrahim Bapetel the winner of the election.

 “We commend the tribunal for its bold and courageous decision. At the same time, we are dissatisfied that they have not asked that the AC Candidate, Ibrahim Bapetel who won the election be sworn in as governor.”

 The AC, Atiku said, won the election in Adamawa, despite the last minute disqualification of its candidate, Ibrahim Bapetel adding that the ballot papers are there in case there is a need for a recount.

 He however said the decision of the Adamawa Tribunal headed by Justice Olawole Akinwalere had reinforced his belief that the nation’s judiciary possessed the inherent capacity and will to right the wrongs unleashed on the people of Nigeria by Obasanjo, the PDP, and Iwu, in the name of elections in April.

 “Much as we praise them” Atiku said, “they should have awarded the governorship to us because we won”.

 “The cancellation of the election has nevertheless, vindicated our faith in the judiciary. At the national level, we shall pursue the presidential election petition to a logical conclusion. No amount of pressure on me would make me to abandon my decision to challenge the outcome of the April election,” Atiku said.

This particular decision on the governorship election in Adamawa underscored our oft-stated position that the Adamawa elections were manipulated by Obasanjo and the PDP to humiliate me by denying me a political base at home.


2 responses to “Adamawa: Atiku Hails Verdict But Wants AC Candidate Declared Governor

  1. uwalu Musa Mohammed

    Carry Go Atiku, Victory will surely be on our side. You won all your legal battle in the past and you will do it again TURAKI. Uncle shege is begining to reap what he and his collaborators, the PDPs, the IWU’s and many allies did. Long Live NIGERIA, Long Live our Democracy.

  2. Hello Mr Atiku,I wish you could express this passion and exert these energy to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,you would have made alot of impact in the kingdom of God.
    Think about this!

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