Tribunal Sacks Adamawa Governor!

Tribunals are undoing Obasanjo’s election magic

The Adamawa State Elections Tribunal today nullified the election of the state governor, retired Admiral Murtala Nyako. Nyako ran under the platform of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The Action Congress (AC) candidate, Ibrahim Bapatel, had petitioned the tribunal claiming that he was unfairly disqualified by the Independent Electoral Commission on the eve of the election without valid reasons.

Nyako has been in the news lately because of feuds by his many wives over who amongst them should occupy the office of the First Lady.


8 responses to “Tribunal Sacks Adamawa Governor!

  1. fallout of baba’s legacy. God loves Nigeria

  2. Obasanjo had a choice between heaven and earthly wealth, and he chose earthly wealth. What a poor soul. If he can punish the Abachas and others for what he went through with them, why can’t Nigerians punish him for terrorizing them. This man is better off hanging himself now, than to live to see his bleak future. What a pathetic figure. May his kingdom become desolate.

  3. God should forgive Obasanjo………….
    Waaaaaaaoooooh! This is great…..This is justice in action….

  4. Auwal Musa Mohammed

    Obj as he well known has not seen anything yet, we the Nigerian Electorate are expecting more election Nolification throughout this country in a Very Near Future. God Bless the tribunal Jodges and God Bless Nigeria.

  5. Kudos to the judiciary!!!!!

    This is another plus for the Judiciary.

  6. The judiciary must be commended for taking bold steps in correcting the ills visited on our dear country by Obj and his collaborators. However, they should focus their searchlight on the Delta state election petition tribunal in Asaba, where cases are struck out at will. What is going on in Delta is far from what is happening in other “civilised” parts of Nigeria. Rumour has it that a lot of money has changed hands. What it means is that nobody especially the opposition can get justice. NJC should do something about this ugly situation before it snowballs into something else. Kudos to the judiciary.

  7. Let’s be serious, if any one of you reach to that level, you might done more damages. Stop crying.

  8. Things go wrong when good poeple sit down and do nothing to correct,refuse and put an abrupt end to evil,wickedness and corruption that prevails in the land.
    God is raising a set of poeple that will not only pray for the this nation but also ensure that human right is possible to achieve in our great country Nigeria.

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