Angola To Release Henry Okah To Nigeria

President Umaru Yar’Adua today requested the Angolan President to extradite to Nigeria, two Nigerians recently arrested in Angola for alleged gun running.

A State House statement issued in Riyadh, where the President is currently participating in the 3rd OPEC Summit, said Yar’Adua made the request at a meeting with the Angolan President, Eduardo dos Santos, in Riyadh.

The President commended his Angolan counterpart for his government’s effort towards ridding the Gulf of Guinea region, of criminal activities.

He called for continuous cooperation by all governments for greater security in the sub-region and Africa.


President Yar’Adua also sought Angola’s cooperation on the issue of an African Stand-by Force, stating that the concept was very necessary.

“I have already started consultations with some leaders of the continent on the need for such a force, to remove the need for external intervention forces and foreign military bases  on the continent. ”

President Dos Santos thanked Yar’Adua for the meeting.

He said Angola had sufficient proof of alleged gun-running against the two Nigerians as well as their links with the Niger Delta militants.

Dos Santos, who acknowledged receiving a Nigerian delegation sent  to Luanda to discuss the issue, said  however, there were “technical legal  details” involved in the extradition  process which needed to be sorted out.

“We are trying to find a formula to resolve the issue which has nothing to do with politics but criminality; they are Nigerian citizens, so we cannot charge them in Angola.”

“I assure you that we will ultimately release them to you for trial in Nigeria, but we must resolve the legal issues first ”, Dos Santos said.

The Nigerians, including a leader of a militant group in the Niger Delta, Henry Okah, were arrested in September in Angola for alleged gun running.



2 responses to “Angola To Release Henry Okah To Nigeria

  1. In my opinion, these men should face the music in Angola…that will teach them and others like them in the Niger Delta that their foolishness has gone too far.
    There are better ways to agitate for their people, but history has shown time and time again, that militancy is not the best way. The aim should be to elect leaders who actually advocate and lead, not the present sycophants and white collar criminals occupying the governorships of the states in the Niger Delta.

  2. this message is for N.Ihejirika. I must say that you must be a very stupid and senseless linatic to make such a statement.that is why the Ibos are still maginalised whether you like it or not.This people held in Angola have being wrongly incacrated without an iota of proof and you sit down there and open your stupid mouth to talk shit.Angola has gotten itself involved in something they should never have and are only worsening the situation in the Niger Delta because they are as senceless as you.

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