AFRICOM: Nigeria Rejects American Troops On African Soil!

The Federal Government announced on Monday that it would not host the United States military’s new Africa-wide military command, taking Africa’s most populous nation and a top source of American oil imports out of contention.

The government made its position official on when President Umaru Yar’Adua met with state governors and federal lawmakers.

Nigeria is also against the US command basing its headquarters elsewhere in West Africa, where the country of 140 million people is a major military and diplomatic heavyweight, said the Kwara State governor, Dr. Bukola Saraki, who announced the government’s position after the meeting.

US military officials couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. The US had said it aimed to better protect America’s strategic interest in Africa and assist African countries with military training and conflict prevention.

But a number of African countries, including Libya and South Africa, had expressed reservations about a move that could signal an expansion of US influence on the continent and may focus primarily on protecting oil interests.


5 responses to “AFRICOM: Nigeria Rejects American Troops On African Soil!

  1. On behalf of all we Nigerians, I Chukwura give excellent “Pass Mark” to our President Musa Yar’Adua and our (True) Honourable Foreign Minister – Ojo Maduekwe for this very great decision not to allow the US military to come and establish here! A decision to allow the US here would be a lot NEGATIVE for our great country!
    The US knows Nigeria will soon be a great nation
    and it DOES NOT like or want this!

  2. I thank the President Musa Yar`Adua for his decision not to allow the US military to come and establish in nigeria.You should never belive the American,they are looking for the way to devid nigeria so that they can control the oil in the Niger Delta.The American are never good friends they will only help to destroy your own country with the help of their CIA.Everybody should learn from what happen in Iraq. Sandam Usein was a good friend of America.A word is enough for the wise.

  3. What are they looking for? OIL…..OIL….This is another colonization. Thanks to President Yaradua and all members of council of state for this great decision.
    They really want to destroy Nigeria.
    Are we sure they are not the one supplying arms to the millitants.
    Are we sure they are not coming to give them full military support……

  4. The only reason the Nothern Oligarchy that rules Nigeria is afraid is because of the human rights records that Nigeria has not because they like Nigeria.Maybe we do need the Americans in the Niger Delta areas so that the World will know about all the atrocities that the Hausa Fulani/Yorubas are commiting daily against Biafrans and Niger Deltans.

    If the want oil let them get it! we will benefit directly and not some cabal of Hausa Fulani/Yorubas the monopoly of looting of the Niger delta Nations.

    You all think we are stupid?You want to continue your Islamisation without check! rather a Judeo-Christian domination than Arabic-Islamic Domination.See what is happening to Black Africans in Darfur

    Nigeria Sucks!Break it up

  5. Emeka! Kai! be careful oh! Your statement just made you a criminal by virtue of treason, under law. Obviously you arent a Nigerian and would have non of her interests at heart. I know how you feel concerning the misgovernance of the country by a significant few. Regardless, what you should do is go on your knees and pray for the Nation and not condemn her. Nigeria doesnt suck and God will keep her together. Hes just waiting for the right consecrated person to say “here I am, use me”

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