Man Holds Up Traffic, Urinating At Centre Of Busy Highway

Abuja, Nigeria – A middle-aged man Wednesday held up traffic along the busy Keffi-Abuja highway, near the Nigerian Federal capital, for some minutes t o ease himself.

PANA reports that traffic along the highway is usually heavy at rush-hours, but the man defied the rush to answer the ‘call of nature’.

“Oga, a beg O (Sir, please),” he said to occupants of the cars behind him after he parked his car in the middle of the road, sprang out and unzipped his pants a nd started urinating.

Some drivers behind him waited patiently for the man to complete the exercise, w hile those who could maneuver zoomed off.

After minutes of urinating, the driver smiled, waved in appreciation and jumped into his car and drove off.

The Keffi-Abuja road carries traffic from Masaka, Ado, Mararaba in Nasarawa Stat e, Nyanya and Karu to Abuja metropolis.

The route is usually heavy with traffic in the morning and evening hours, often resulting in the breakdown of many vehicles.

– PANA Press


2 responses to “Man Holds Up Traffic, Urinating At Centre Of Busy Highway

  1. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    This is not newsworthy by any stretch of imagination. In my opinion, it’s rather a complete waste of space.

    The Times of Nigeria risks being regarded as a mere tittle-tattle newspaper if it continues to run backyard gossip.

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