Tribunal Sacks Plateau State Speaker!

The Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Emmanuel Goar was today removed from office when the state’s election tribunal nullified his election.

The tribunal sitting in Jos, the state’s capital ruled on a petition by Kelvin Dasun, the DPP candidate in the April 14 House of Assembly election, on grounds that INEC failed to include both the logo of the DPP and his name on the ballot papers used for the election.

Dasun had challenged his exclusion from the ballot by the INEC and prayed the tribunal to nullify the election in which Goar was declared winner, saying he was unfairly excluded from participating in the elections by INEC.


5 responses to “Tribunal Sacks Plateau State Speaker!

  1. This is very interesting! But, the old regime and Professor Iwu & his INEC must be so dumb not to realize that The Constitution allows Tribunals! Or did they think that they could get away with falsehood? OBJ and Iwu TRULY failed Nigeria! Their names should be written in
    Nigeria’s Book of (Life?) History as MASTER FAILURES!!!!!

  2. May Obasanjo and Iwu be the most popular names for dogs and pigs in Nigeria. Nigeria farmers please take note.

  3. In reply to Uzors’s prayers:

    AMEN & AMEN!

  4. Shame on OBJ and IWU. Congrantulations to all democrats.
    More elections are going to be nullified.

  5. Don Juan-Carlos ABRAXAS (III)

    This business of faking is really getting out of hand nowadays in Nigeria. Here we have a fellow who did not EVEN win an election, but ended up being the LEADER of the legislature of his state of origin! It is very frightening and rather amusing watching this Nigerian theatre of the absurd play itself out with so much brazen impunity.

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