US Government Subpoena Another Oil Firm Over Nigerian Bribery!

The United States Department of Justice has ordered an American oil services company with sizable operations in Nigeria, GlobalSantaFe Corporation, to produce records of its operations in Nigeria. The US justice department is investigating allegations that the company bribed Nigerian officials to secure lucrative contracts.

GlobalSantaFe released a statement saying, that it has received a formal order of investigation in connection with the matter. “The company’s cooperation with the SEC and the U.S. Department of Justice is ongoing.”

 The investigation centers on their involvement in respect of customs matters in connection with the company’s operations. The report said, “Both the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the US Department of Justice have been advised on the company’s investigation, which is in an early stage,” the report added. “The company cannot predict at this time the ultimate outcome of the investigation or the effect of implementing any further measures that may be necessary to ensure full compliance with applicable laws.”

The company owns or operates a contract drilling fleet of 37 premium jack up rigs; six heavy-duty, harsh environment jack ups; 11 semi submersibles and three dynamically positioned, ultra-deepwater drill ships, as well as two semi-submersibles owned by third parties and operated under a joint venture agreement.

 GlobalSantaFe Corporation is headquartered in Houston, Texas.


4 responses to “US Government Subpoena Another Oil Firm Over Nigerian Bribery!

  1. When the US government indicts any Nigerian, our AGF will SURERLY ask President Musa Yar’Adua that he (Musa) should stop all trials concerning Nigeria in the US!
    Aondoakaa HATES corruption so much that he is looking for all excuses to shield looters!!!!!

  2. President Yar’adua: You better get rid of
    Aondoakaa NOW. Or Nigerians will SOON kill him!

  3. If Yar’adua is not corrupt or a party in protecting those who are correct, he can prove it by terminating Aondoakaa immediately. Aondoakaa is not only corrupt, he is a disgrace to Nigerians and to the legal profession.

  4. We Nigerians recently cried: “Go Etteh!” At long last, she went! Now, we are crying again: “Go Mike Andoakaa!” If you like yourself, you better go, NOW!

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