Explosion Rocks Atiku’s Varsity Kills 5

AN explosion has killed five persons at the Alhaji Atiku Abubakar sponsored American University in Nigeria, Yola. Among the victims were a man and his son.

All the five were casual workers hired by the university to weld a water tanker at one of the institution’s official quarters on Lekki Taba Street.

Vanguard gathered that moments after the victims commenced work on the leaking tanker, there was an explosion, which threw them far and wide.

They were all badly burnt and subsequently rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Yola where they died one after the other.

The institution’s Vice President (University Relations), Dr. Elspeth Smith, confirmed the incident and said the university was still monitoring the situation and would probe it.

Mr. Abubakar Abba Tahir, the Director, Public Affairs of the university in a telephone interview said the victims were not staff of the university but working at one of the institution’s contractors.

According to him, the university was in touch with the victims’ relations.

– Vanguard 


7 responses to “Explosion Rocks Atiku’s Varsity Kills 5

  1. A “NEW” (except ‘Dele Giwa’s murder!)dimension in Nigeria Politics?
    Or (1 ) just a happen’s strance;
    or (2) just a coincidence;
    or (3) “just” an ENERMY action?
    – James Bond – 007!

  2. Okezie ufomba Jr. ( Portharcourt )

    Really, you can not eat you cake and have it.
    God today pays people accoprding to their sins.

  3. my dear i dont understand wot all of u r just saying. it doesnt change d fact dat d school is d best in Nigeria……………… u guys can go and jump

  4. The story is a fabrication, planted by those who want cause mischief. The true story including a denial by the university’s authorities had already been published by more responsible newspapers.


    I have no doubt in me that its occurence isnt one of unusual things in nija.Thanks to perfect capitalist tha non of their ‘people’ is affected.Each and every one shall be paid back before the eternity.

  6. This story is false completely. I am base in Jimeta, Adamawa State almost same street with where the incident happened.

    My work place is not more than 2 kilometer away from the Lekki Street at the Ahmadu Bello Way, old G.R.A, Jimeta.

    It was a diesel tank that explored by the act of theose that died. How can they weld/file a leaking diesel tank when its has content? they were warned by one of the guys involved that its may explored fa, but they carry on with the welding/filling the diesel tank.

    Please let us not be jumping to conclusion any how.

  7. they said collected bribery money. what a shame! greedy people.

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