Probe Sgt. Rogers’ Claim Of Serving Obasanjo – AC

Atiku Abubakar, AC Leader 

The Action Congress (AC) has called on the federal government to immediately launch an investigation into revelations by Sergeant Barnabas Jabila (alias Sgt. Rogers) that he served the Obasanjo administration diligently in some yet-to-be explained capacity.

Jabila, who spoke while testifying at the ongoing murder trial of former chief of army staff, General Ishaya Bamaiyi, at a Lagos High Court last week, said his murderous Strike Force had worked for three heads of state, including Obasanjo.

In a statement issued yesterday by its national publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said it was particularly alarmed by the claim, which has so far not been refuted, considering the deadly nature of the “assignments” handled by Sgt. Rogers and his team in the past.

“We are also worried because of the number of unresolved murders during the Obasanjo administration. The list includes Bola Ige, Harry Marshall, A.B. Dikibo, Saudatu Rimi, Godwin Agbroko and Funsho Williams.

“The investigation we are calling for will determine, among others, the specific assignments that a murder suspect could possibly have carried out for the Obasanjo administration.

“It is important to get to the root of Sgt. Rogers’ claim because the Obasanjo administration gave Nigerians the impression that the infamous Strike Force was disbanded at the inception of the civilian administration in 1999.

“If it was not disbanded, the Nigerian public should be told what the killer squad has been doing since 1999; why it was kept by the Obasanjo government and what Sgt. Rogers really meant by saying that he served Obasanjo diligently,” the party said.

“It is imperative to get answers to these posers because the nation deserves an explanation on why Obasanjo felt Rogers should still work for him even when he (Rogers) had publicly acknowledged the roles he played in the murder and attempted murder of many Nigerians during the Abacha government,” it added.

The AC said the “Freudian slip” committed by Rogers, if properly investigated, could well prove fortuitous in helping to solve some of the riddles surrounding the high-profile assassinations witnessed across the country during the eight years of the last administration.


3 responses to “Probe Sgt. Rogers’ Claim Of Serving Obasanjo – AC

  1. Rogers should say specifically how he served under Obasanjo. Who are the three heads of state. Was he involved in the killings of all the unsolved murders under Obasanjo? Nigeria, I smell a forthcoming bombshell that will rattle everyone.

  2. Anayochukwu F. Anyimigbo

    The claim by Sergeant Rogers is very hazy. He must have to be specific as to what his ‘portfolio’ was during President Obasanjo administration. Similarly, he has to mention former Heads of State he claimed to have served and in what capacities.

    This will greatly assist the relevant agencies involved in various investigations in redirecting their efforts towards carrying out proper investigation of several unresolved murder cases in different past administrations and provide opportunity to free those that may have been standing trial innocently for these murder cases.

    Asking the present administration to look into such weighty confessions from infamous Rogers, to my mind, is tantamount to saying that the present administration don’t know what to do, when to do it and why it has to be done. A responsible and responsive Government should be doing that already. I want to believe that soonest that will be done if they are not doing that now or thinking in that direction before now. Otherwise, it calls for worry!

  3. Rogers is a drowning man who will make a cheap blackmail to draw attention. OBJ to my believe will not trust anybody of abachas connection to do such a serious business. rogers should spit his venom and stop making us assume.

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