Nigerian High Court To Sit In New York

New York, US – A Nigerian High Court in the South-Eastern state of Akwa I bom, will sit in New York, US, 3 and 4 December to hear evidence of witnesses in a case between a Nigerian businessman and Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (MPN ) .

Nigeria’s Consul-General in New York, Ibrahim Auwalu, who disclosed this here Thursday said the court’s special session would be presided over by Justice Gladys Olotu.

“The court will be sitting here at the Consulate’s conference room to take oral evidence from two defence witnesses,” he told the Pan African News Agency (PANA ) .

He said the witnesses, G.W. Walker and Harry F. Hawkins, who are both octogenarians, are former MPN employees and could not travel to Nigeria to give evidence d u e to their “health conditions.”

“The order is predicated on the duty of the court to resolve all controversies brought before it by parties and the international law concept which regards Nigerian embassies in parts of the world as being on Nigerian soil,” he quoted a letter informing him of the court’s decision.

The consul-general said Nigerians residing in New York, will be allowed to watch the proceedings of the court.

MPN is being sued at the Federal High Court, Uyo, for US$ 39.3 billion for alleged breach of contract and patent violations.

The plaintiffs alleged two retired MPN managers; Messrs G.W. Walker and Harry Wakins, entered into an oral agreement with them which made them (plaintiffs) invent a special anti-corrosive paint.

MPN denied such a contract was ever entered into and it never violated any patents belonging to the plaintiffs.

PANA learnt the suit was filed by Rev. (Dr) C.J.A. Uwemedimo, the Managing Director of Commandclem Nigeria Ltd., who claimed Mobil breached an alleged agreement

to pay him US$ 2 per barrel of crude oil or gas produced by the company.

The payment, Uwemedimo also claimed, was for his allegedly inventing a special anti-corrosive paint for MPN in 1980.

PANA learnt a team of lawyers from both sides are expected to grace the court’s two-day session in the Big Apple.

New York – 29/11/2007


5 responses to “Nigerian High Court To Sit In New York

  1. If the case is against a looter of Publc Fund, our AGF- Mike Androakaa would quickly beg our President to prevent this! He is a great Defender, Protector, Shielderer, Advocate, etc
    of Public Fund Looters!!!!!

  2. Mr Tude and your co-prosecutors of the AGF should shut up. For the first time we have an AGF who says he believes in the rule of law and we are complaining? Are we more at home with the formers AGF’s who made it their duty to advise the FEderal Govt on how best to disobey Court orders?? We are indeed a strange lot, we Nigerians!! Do we really knbow what we want??

  3. this people will later lana if care is not taken

  4. Pls, do anybody have an idea of registration with commandclem in various sums and how genuine is it and do commandclem have website that we can exploy for further proof? Pls send me an E-mail for clarification,


  5. hello how are my name is youness

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