Edo: Ballot Recount Shows Guber Results Were Inflated

Many at the venue of the Edo State Election Petitions Tribunal sitting in Benin City could not hide their surprise and astonishment yesterday.
This was because the figures arrived at after the recount ordered by the tribunal in 12 of the 18 local governments in the state were much lower than the results declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the councils in respect of the last April 14 governorship election in the state.
INEC had returned the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the election, Senator Oserheimen Osunbor, as the winner of the election but dissatisfied with the results, the Action Congress (AC) candidate, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, challenged Osun-bor’s victory at the tribunal.
The AC candidate had asked the tribunal to order a recount following the inability of INEC to give the accurate results of the poll.
In its preliminary ruling on the petition, the tribunal ordered a recount of the ballots in the 12 local governments.
The outcome of the recount was announced to a stunned audience yesterday at the tribunal by a top official of INEC, Mr. Kayode Olawale.
According to Olawale, used, unused and invalid ballots were all counted during the recount.
The figures reeled out were not only at variance with what INEC had declared but also showed that whereas the results were jerked up in areas considered as Osunbor strongholds, they were lowered in places considered to be Oshiomhole’s base.
The surprise began when Olawale mounted the witness box to continue his evidence-in-chief under cross-examination by counsel to the AC candidate, Chief Adeniyi Akintola.
Olawale, who is the Head of Administration of the state INEC, read out the outcome of the recount and the results declared by INEC local government by local government which showed conflicting figures.
Olawale said he was reading from the results emanating from the recounting done in the 12 government as against the results declared by INEC.

– Thisday 


10 responses to “Edo: Ballot Recount Shows Guber Results Were Inflated

  1. edo state is the next destination whose electoral fraud will be revealed.breeze don blow and fowl yansh don open.the tribunal is doing a thorough job.

  2. This is fantastic……………..Edo and Oyo in partnership. I pray that the judgement will be delivered the same day. It is going to serious celebration. Congratulations in advance to all democrats —————-.waaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooo

  3. And why is this a surprise?

    Not that it makes any difference, I really can’t see any of these potential replacements being better than the thieves they hope to replace. Nigerian politics is for those who want to steal…nothing more, nothing less

  4. It is not INEC. It is PDP NEC.

  5. osigwe omo ikirodah

    adams was voted for massively by edolites and no amount of falsehood we take the victory away from him.maurice iwu should go to jail for his failure in the last elections.
    and moreover osunbor has not done anything so far in edo satae.

  6. Silly greedy rats.. INEC sucks and Osunbor can go to hell… thats why they say Nigeria will never be good because of people like these.. they end up as thieves,… God knows, they all will be exposed… Bloody thieves…

    Edited for clarity by Editor.

  7. God is great, we should give thanks to God for the good things that are coming to Edo state through the man of the people ADAMS. By the grace of God he will win the petition since OBASANJO is no more comanding.

    ojesu w.

  8. This is what we call abracadabra. The more you look, the less you see. How i wish the other triunals will do likewise in all the other areas where election result are being disputed. That is the one sure way of nailing INEC (did I hear you call them PDPNEC). Oshiomhole – na you biko.

  9. I just hope that after all this and when the truth finally comes we would see a change in Edo State. The basic thing is to see a positive change in the lives of the people of the State.

  10. Na wa–ooo
    the truth must surely come.
    the election in Edo state was riged. the peoples` mandate was stolen but thank god that with due process, oshiomhole must take the people of Edo state to a higher height.

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