AC says Yar’Adua administration is groping

The Action Congress (AC) has described the first six months of the Yar’Adua administration as an exercise in tentative governance and inconsistent, incoherent policies.

This, the party said, was the opposite of what was expected from an administration presiding over a nation that is in a hurry to develop.

In a statement issued in Abuja yesterday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said a critical assessment of the administration’s first six months in office, in some key areas, showed an inevitable conclusion: This government has been groping in the dark while the citizens suffer!

“Six months in the life of this administration offer enough opportunities to assess its performance, or at worst, its sense of direction. This is because it is midway to the administration’s first year, or one-eighth of its total life span of four years, all things being equal.

“But when we consider key areas in which the President committed himself to certain benchmarks during his campaign, we can conveniently say that the administration has only been groping in the dark,” AC said.

On security, the party said, the administration had failed in the past six months.

It noted that during his electioneering, candidate Yar’Adua promised to declare an emergency in the power sector, if elected, adding “six months on, no emergency had been declared, and no concrete effort made to, at least, start addressing the situation.

“If anything, the power situation has worsened. Today, darkness has enveloped the land, providing the right atmosphere for evil forces to thrive!”

The party lamented that due to the non-functioning rail transportation system and the non-development of the waterways, the roads had become the only real alternative.

The level of unemployment, the party said, had reached an alarming height.

“Seeing our able-bodied youths daily roam the streets or hawk cheap goods in traffic is so saddening. Whatever the so-called poverty eradication programme launched by the last administration has achieved constitutes a mere tokenism, considering the enormity of the problem,” it said.

– The nation


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