Fayose’s Returns To Heroes’ Welcome!

Ado Ekiti was on Tuesday agog for former Governor Ayo Fayose who held a rally on his return from the exile he embarked upon after his impeachment last year.

His arrival paralysed all business, commercial, and government activities as civil servants and town folk trooped out to catch glimpse of him.

Fayose’s convoy was guarded by a lorry load of armed mobile policemen, security operatives, and members of the Frederick Fasehun faction of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) as he went round the city waving hands to his admirers.

“Today,” he declared, “my joy knows no bounds as I return home into the warm embrace of you, my good people, and admirers in Ekiti. Life away from home was never the same, going by the affluence and influence associated with the office of a Governor.

“On the other hand, my wilderness experience has offered me enough opportunity to reflect on my ordinariness as a man, as the way up might be the way down, because nothing they say lasts forever. I was made to suffer for what I knew nothing about. Rather than being honoured, I was humiliated. Rather than being promoted, I was persecuted.

“You are all living witnesses of how I turned around our non-existent social infrastructure, empowering you, putting smiles on your faces and touching your lives individually.

“In the face of all my troubles, and conspiracy against me, which led to my forced exit, I was still able to leave a whopping cash sum of N5.4 billion in the coffers of government, and cash payment of N 1.4 billion to Wema Bank held in shares through Odua group of companies. The N800 million we owed the then Omega Bank was equally settled by my government.

“There was reimbursement of about N4 billion before my departure. All these were left behind in a state that earns about the least in Nigeria. Now that the facts on issue and the truth are gradually unfolding, while confessions are daily made, it is now obvious that the dog was called a bad name only to hang it.”

However, Assembly Speaker, Femi Bamisile, denied that he joined in the band that welcomed Fayose. He said he only went to challenge and remind him of the security implication of his actions.

Bamisile made the clarification is a statement issued by the Governor’s Public Communications Assistant, Moses Jolayemi.


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