IBB Accuses Obasanjo Of Corruption!


Gap toothed former military President General Ibrahim Babangida (retd.) has taken a swipe at the past administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo, describing it as corrupt. In an exclusive interview with a monthly magazine People Monthly, Babangida accused the Obasanjo administration of institutionalising corruption in the country.

He berated Obasanjo for achieving less than he (IBB) achieved while in office as military president in spite the huge revenue the administration got from oil.

“What accrued to us as an administration was about N565 billion. That is less than what was accruing to the Obasanjo government in a year. What they were getting in one year, we got less in eight years. And I know what we achieved with that little amount of money in eight years. If I had that kind of money, may be we could have gone places. That I am absolutely confident about.

“The world is made to believe that my administration institutionalised corruption. Now, we know better who institutionalised corruption. So, I am grateful to God and may be history will eventually vindicate us,” he stated.

A new low for Obasanjo
He also said Obasanjo probed him for eight years between 1999 and this year when he left Aso Rock.

The Minna-born general also supported recent moves by the Yar’Adua administration to reverse most of the policies and programmes of the Obasanjo administration, describing it as “perfectly in order”.

Babangida argued that as President, Yar’Adua has the responsibility to right all the wrongs that were done by the Obasanjo administration.

“Where there are a lot of cries by members of the society, it is the duty of the president to look into whatever is causing this. So to me, it is not a surprise (that Yar’Adua is reversing most of Obasanjo’s programmes), it is perfectly legitimate,” he stated.

He said Obasanjo also reversed some programmes of his predecessor General Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd.), immediately he was sworn in as civilian president in 1999. “I think what the administration of President Yar’Adua is doing now is perfectly in order,” he submitted.

Babangida also revealed the role played by Obasanjo in the 1983 coup which toppled the civilian administration of President Shehu Shagari.

He explained that the 1983 coup actually wanted to instal Obasanjo as president after toppling Shagari but that the Ota chicken farmer rejected the offer.

“It is true we wanted to bring General Obasanjo back as head of state in 1984). But to be fair to General Obasanjo, he rejected the offer. He said no. He said it would destroy his integrity; that he handed over to Shagari and that it is not right for him to get involved. But he (Obasanjo) said he was not stopping us from going ahead with the plot,” he explained.

He also said Obasanjo probed him for eight years between 1999 and this year. 


10 responses to “IBB Accuses Obasanjo Of Corruption!

  1. We Nigerians know when a “Pot is calling the kettle, ‘Black’!”
    We don’t even know whicb one is WORSE!
    Is it OBJ, or is it IBB? One prayer we Nigerians are making is: “No weapon formed against us (by these 2 devils) shall prosper” And ALL negative things they did while in power will turn into positives – in JESUS name !!! Let all True Nigerians say: ” AMEN!!!”

  2. Only in Nigeria. Tell us more IBB.

  3. Did they ask him about June 12?, come on Obasanjo the ball is in your court, let the beans spilling contnue.
    The souls of innocent Nigerians both highly placed and the masses that died during regimes headed by both men are saying .. Do not fight them they shall poison themselves.
    Both men have murdered sleep

  4. IBB,
    Speak out now or forever hold your peace. We remember that you were probusiness but Obasanjo was pro-looting of national covers by only thieves that belong to his inner circle. You build up your supporters but Obasanjo turn against his supporters. IBB may be evil but Obasanjo is the devil himself.

  5. relax children….dont fall for it….this is just a feint….there is something at stake…obj and ibb are too close to call each other out….

    ibb for president!!

  6. If IBB saw N565 billion in 8 eight and stole it, he would have also stolen all that Obasanjo saw. The level of coruuption each of them institutionalized depended on the time in history. IBB should thank God OBJ never agreed to take over from Shagari, otherwise IBB would not have been President, ever. Too bad IBB kept gunning for a ‘mentor’ he thought he knew. Well, it appears it is time for mud throwing. Nigerians would really like to know who was better. Over to you OBJ

  7. Ahaa over to you Obasanjo open the can of worms pls as we are all waiting for. Nearly history will judge all of you, unshamed leaders, unpatriotic nigerians that teach nothing but looting and corruption. God is ever seeing. Do good see good, hear good. Do opposite and see the reverse.

  8. Second third of the fourth coming of duo dont be fooled.
    Guy trust neither.

  9. Don Juan-Carlos ABRAXAS (III)

    Hi, folks! If General Ibrahim (Evil Spirit) Gbadamosi Babangida sees you first thing in the morning, and greets you good morning, please run back to your bed and start sleeping. It is MIDNIGHT not morning. Believe me, the morning that you though had dawned, must have been annulled.

  10. Mazi Dike-na-ututu

    Abeg make una forget IBB,we go listen toram when he return our N565 billion he stole.OBJ know say we go getam soon,Nuhu Ribadu is getting ready for him,unless if he fall’s for nomination of the AGF for AU.

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