Tribunal Nullifies Benue Speaker’s Election

The election petition tribunal on Benue State this morning nullified the election of the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Mr. Kerseer Tsumba. Delivering judgement on a petition filed by Mr. Osbert Kwangba of the Action Congress, Justice A.O. Odusola said the petitioner has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the April 14 state assembly election did not hold in Maruku State constituency as claimed by the defendant.

He, therefore, nullified the election in all the polling units in the constituency and ordered INEC to conduct fresh elections within 60 days.

Mr. Tsumba was not available for comments on the decision of the tribunal as he was said to have travelled to Abuja earlier in the day.

– PM News


2 responses to “Tribunal Nullifies Benue Speaker’s Election

  1. Hooray! Now, we (Nigerians) are anxiously (but HOPEFULLY waiting to CONFIRM the annulment of the “election” that made David Mark a “HON.” senator – TALK LESS OF SENATE PRESIDENT!!!!!

  2. Dr. Godfrey Etokebe

    Iwu, here is the prove that you did not conduct election. Can you deny this fact?

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