Tribunal Void’s Enugu Senator’s Election!

The Enugu State Election Petitions tribunal this afternoon voided the election of Senator Ayogu Eze and ordered fresh elections to into the vacant position within sixty days. Eze was representing Enugu North under the platform of the ruling Peoples Democratic party (PDP).

Ayogu is the current Senate Committee on Information and Media.


2 responses to “Tribunal Void’s Enugu Senator’s Election!

  1. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    Dear Oh Dear! It appears the Ebeano group is spiralling into obsolesce.

    1st senator dumps the group, another facing imminent imprisonment; finally, the 3rd has just been booted out by the Tribunal …and it’s only six months since the Elections were held.

  2. I think the whole state has been brought into disrepute.

    We need to hold new elections across the whole state..This is getting ridiculous and shameful.

    I shall write to EFCC this afternoon.

    How did things get to this state, instead of governing the people, we are bugged down in useless internal political hogwash?

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