Ibori’s Aide Denies Arrest, “He Was Invited And He Went On His Own”

In a statement he issued on the matter, he said: “Owing to the conflicting statements that have been issued by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Kwara State Government, I feel duty bound to render the real account of events, just for the sake of the truth. Chief Ibori was not arrested either at home or at the Kwara Liaison office, Abuja.

“The truth is that Chief Ibori, the former Governor of Delta State, received a telephone call on the morning of Wednesday, 12th December 2007, that his attention was needed at the EFCC headquarters, Wuse, Zone Two, Abuja.

“He simply answered that call, as a law-abiding citizen – driven himself personally to the EFCC office.

He was still in there at the time of issuing this statement. And by then, it is instructive that no charge has been preferred against him.

“He has asked his teeming supporters to remain calm and go about their lawful duties as he has absolute faith in the rule of law which has replaced the reign of impunity that once held sway in the land.

“Once again, I reiterate that Chief Ibori, on his volition, drove himself to the EFCC office Abuja to answer a telephone invitation.”


3 responses to “Ibori’s Aide Denies Arrest, “He Was Invited And He Went On His Own”

  1. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    Yeah Yeah! Whatever you say. Arrested or Voluntarily went to the Police Station…All we know is that he’s now in the hands of the appropriate authority that deal with the likes of a certain Onanefe Ibori.

  2. hahaha…Emeka do you mean the other Onanefe Ibori that was convicted years ago that is NOT the former Governor?..Nigeria and theatrics..na siddon look we dey.

  3. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    Exactly, kanayo…You know what I mean precisely.

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