Bush, Yar’Adua Meet In Washington, DC

President Umaru Yar’Adua says Nigeria will start a partnership with the U.S. military’s new Africa Command, AFRICOM.

President Yar’Adua and President Bush spoke to reporters after their meeting at the White House in Washington Thursday.

Yar’Adua said he and President Bush discussed African security issues, including the situations in Nigeria’s volatile Niger Delta region and the Gulf of Guinea.

He said Nigeria will partner with AFRICOM to assist not only Nigeria but also the African continent achieves peace and security. It was not immediately clear what form the partnership would take.

Yar’Adua has previously stated that he will not allow his country to be used as base for AFRICOM, and also said he is opposed to the U.S. military establishing bases elsewhere in Africa.

The United States is seeking an African headquarters for AFRICOM, which is currently operating out of Stuttgart, Germany.

The United States says AFRICOM will help African countries confront terrorism, natural disasters and other factors that could affect their stability. But several countries, including Libya and South Africa, have expressed concern the command will increase U.S. influence on the continent.

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6 responses to “Bush, Yar’Adua Meet In Washington, DC

  1. Allowing the united states to come into Africa (AFRICOM) to take charge of volatile areas such as the Niger Delta would be a very big mistake. The people of the Niger Delta fight for a reason and only if their needs are met and the fight still prevails should we think of using the military as a means of queling the violence. Even so, it should not be the united states who should do it for us. This is because they have a bad record in taking up task like this. They do it solely for their interest and as soon as they can no longer get what they want they leave the place immediately, leaving behind a huge mess like the one going on in the middle east right now. We all know that just a few years back america supported Saddam to fight the Iranians and today we can all see for ourselves who their present enemy is. What I would recommend is that we leave america entirely out of the picture, for they would not help to solve the current problem but rather they would help us take our problem to a new level, in which hostages may never even be released or may just be killed on capture.
    With the advent of the war in Iraq, Iraqis have become better fighters. Their skills in the use of various explosives have increased dramatically and their value for life has diminished more than ever before. Imagine Nigeria as unstable as it is right now, having militants, who just want to kill for no specific reason. That is how it is the middle east today and america is partly responsible. The situation is however not so in Nigeria right now. Once again what we need is government that would give to the communities equally what they take out of th0se communities. Such as providing schools, jobs and amenities. In this way the few bad militants that would be left behind can be adequately taken care of by the available law enforcement agencies. God bless Nigeria, God Bless Africa,God Bless America and God bless the world. Let PEACE reign.

  2. looks like yar’adua is selling out africa/ns to preserve his own power.

    i mean, that’s quite a turnaround, to have previously stated unequivocally that the u.s. military should not have bases on the continent (too late, CJTF-HOA has been in djibouti for years now, for one), and then today to announce “we shall partner with AFRICOM to assist not only Nigeria, but also the African continent.”

    but then, he also said that he was willing to comply w/ whatever the ruling on the legitimacy of his (s)election turned out to be. now, with an even bigger godfather — uncle sam — covering his back, he’s probably less worried than ever.

    this whole thing stinks. the problem is not u.s. bases in africa, per se. the days of large garrisons are over, at least in their new strategizing. instead it’s all about securing access to share small “lily pads” (or “cooperative security locations”) for hopping from conflict to conflict as the need arises. and this access is enabled through their relationships w/ militaries in various capacities.

    training “peacekeeping” forces is one avenue. increasing military dependency on u.s. military equipment/programs/”exercises”/doctrine/social networks is another.

    not only are they getting your militaries & civilian populations used to seeing u.s. military & private contractors around on a continuing basis, and taking over from the inside out, they are establishing the access they need for both territory & manpower needs. think war by proxy. as in somalia, for instance.

    so to define the problem as what AFRICOM “may” bring to nigeria & the continent-at-large is to miss the context for what is already underway.

    and yar’adua just sold you out to protect his own interests.


  3. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    Tragic News!

    Mr Yar’Adua has been steam-rolled by George W. How sad! Every African who has at least 2 brain cells has been so worry about AFRICOM (a scheme shrouded mystery and secrecy) only for the Nigerian President to give George Bush a blank cheque within a twinkle of an eye. Talk about being celebrity struck.

    Mr Yar’Adua, either has no clue or he has very bad and moronic sycophants as advisers. I don’t think Yar’Adua has any appreciation of history because he did; he would have known how Africans signed away their independence to Europeans. He should read the history of the Ndebele and the Shona people of present day Zimbabwe and how Cecil Rhodes deceived and beguiled their Chiefs until they gave away everything including their very right of existence.

    Dear Lord, how could history be repeating itself so soon?

  4. It’s a pity that we jump to conculsions before understanding what is going on.Yes the President has said Nigeria will work with the US forces,but he also stated clearly to the US President that Nigeria is oppose to any US base in Nigeria,and Africa at large.Understand that,there is a difference between mutual co-operation and indwelling presence.

  5. Nigerian at 10.44am wrote “It’s a pity that we jump to conculsions before understanding what is going on.”

    now is not the time to feign ignorance

    suggested reading:

    Understanding AFRICOM: A Contextual Reading of Empire’s New Combatant Command

    also see Crossed Crocodiles’
    AFRICOM – lessons from the Philippines

  6. It’s unfortunate that Yar’Adua made this blunder, we must ensure that we keep our President on point on the policies he must adopt in best representing the people of Nigeria and Africa at large. We do not need a parallel security system in Nigeria. This will cause targeting and drone bombing of suspected opposition around Nigeria, North and South, the perpetrators of which shall be unidentifiable, no responsibility declared by either the Nigerian Government or this US security, as occurs in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq today. Nigeria will be in confusion and at war. Read more on why we firmly oppose Africom- http://AfricaAgainstAFRICOM.org

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