Ibori Appears In Court, Judge Sets Ruling On Bail For Dec 17

Chief James Onanafe Ibori, the former governor of Delta state appeared in a Federal High Court in Kaduna today charged with 103 count of stealing funds belonging to Delta State during his tenure in office.

Ibori pleaded not guilty to the all charges against him.

The presiding judge, Lawal Shuaibu, fixed Monday, December 17 for ruling on his application for bail.

Also charged along Ibori is an alleged woman accomplice Udu Amaka Okoronko.


2 responses to “Ibori Appears In Court, Judge Sets Ruling On Bail For Dec 17

  1. It is good that public officers are at last being held to account for their deeds in office. it is also good that EFCC is doing their work in strict conformity with the laws of the land. At last we can al last begin to hope that only those who have somethin to offer would now put themselves up for election into piblic office. The moment evert one knows that you cannot just go to office loot the place and go home smiling then the buccaneers would have to go and look alswhere for their cheap money. We can begin to have a hope that only those who want to serve would aspire to publci office.

  2. It is a terrible thing that people trusted with the economy of Nigeria are just doing it the way they wanted. Now nemesis is cathching on them. I just want to give cudos to the Federal Government and EFCC. I should suggest that these people should be made to face the raught of the law. Recoverying of the money stolen by these public office holders and not just enough punishment for the atrosities the have commited. EFCC should know that these money stolen have adverse effect on the economy and have sent so many people to their early grave because of stress and hardship indirectly caused by these unforgiven elements.

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