Former Ekiti Governor, Fayose, Surrenders To EFCC!

The former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, who disappeared last year after being impeached and resurfaced briefly two weeks ago to address a rally in the state’s capital has surrendered himself to the authorities of the anti corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Lagos State.

Fayose reportedly walked into the EFCC’s office in Lagos state at about 11:30am today and introduced himself to the agents who promptly arrested him.

An EFCC source told The Times of Nigeria that “Fayose’s case file has been ready a long time ago and was only a matter of time for him to face justice.”

“He simply made it easy on himself because he was going to be picked up whenever he surfaces. He will be charged immediately.” The source said.

The source was unable to say when and where Fayose will be charged very likely because the agency was taken by surprise.


4 responses to “Former Ekiti Governor, Fayose, Surrenders To EFCC!

  1. This Fayose of a man is full of surprises. He is doing things on his own terms. He is a master strategist.

  2. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    The above comment by Uzors is utter nonsense.

    I wonder what makes Fayose a master strategist? Is it running Ekiti State down; raiding the State treasury; escaping justice or his constant waffling and incoherent speeches? In my opinion, he’s nothing more than a heinous criminal who has allegations of murder hanging over his neck.

    Only people with warped mind would dare praise Fayose.

    N.B. Ensure you understand the true meaning of words and phrases and how to use them in the right context before attempting to do so. If not, you’ll appear more stupid than you actually are.

  3. Thank you, Emeka, for correcting Uzors. A man with such preposterous reasoning is even more dangerous than the object of his comment. But, as you correctly pointed out, he probably doesn’t know better. Thank you for your public service.

  4. emeka, am surprised that someone like you who resides in the UK and is obviously aware that a man is innocent until proven guilty could utter such a reckless statement.. you probably no nothing about fayose nor have been to Ekiti state,
    your assumptions are based on what you read in nigerian newspapers about the poor guy and deliberate castigation on his personality by the tinubu ans osoba financed editors…its simply media lynching for fayose..

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