I Will Clear My Name – Ibori Speaks

Former governor of Delta State, James Onanefe Ibori, has said that despite his arrest and detention and the case against him by the EFCC he now has the chance to cleanse his name in the court of law.

 Ibori spoke through his Special Assitant, Media, Tony Eluemunor.

 According to Eluemunor, “Ibori was in high spirits after the case was adjourned, said that for years “faceless organizations and persons have spawned media attacks against him, publishing innuendoes, outright lies, and even forgeries”, just to smear him. He said he is now facing the case against him with the utmost confidence in the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary which are advancing inexorably everyday in Nigeria.”

 He said: “Here in this temple of justice, it is their word against mine, lies against truth, and the arbiter is, fortunately for us all, justice pure and simple. A law court is the ultimate level playing field. I will clear my name, though they may not know it that is the opportunity they have inadvertently thrown my way. I embrace this challenge with both arms”.

 Numerous highly placed citizens, including Senators and House of Representatives members came to Kaduna to declare their support for the former Governor. Others too poured in from Asaba, the Delta State capital, while others came from far afield as Lagos . Ibori, in high spirits, shook hands with them and tried to encourage them those who wore sad faces to cheer up “for justice will be done and the innocent will go free.”

 “Meanwhile, despite the various reports over how Ibori reported to the EFCC Headquarters on Wednesday 11th December 20017, the truth remains that he personally drove himself in his own car to the place. When the EFCC officials came to the Kwara State Liasion Office, Abuja, the  Kwara State Governor’s Aide de Camp (ADC) asked for a warrant of arrest or he would not let them meet with Ibori: the officials had none and they had to return to their office to bring it. That is an incontrovertible truth and it can be verified.”


4 responses to “I Will Clear My Name – Ibori Speaks

  1. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    I am beginning to wonder if Ibori owns The Times Of Nigeria or is the Newspaper now eating out of his palm?

    I could swear that the above report was written by the beleagued ex-Governor himself, as it lacked any shred of objectivity or independence.

    Not withstanding what sweetener you might have been offered to publish such silly story befitting of buffoonery; it impugns your integrity and reputation.

    I expected that you could do better than such grand scale sycophancy.

    Editor’s Note:
    The report was off course a rebuttal from Ibori’s aide. Even the headline makes that abundantly clear so I am at a loss why you fail to comprehend that simple fact.

    Ibori has a right to state his own side of the case and that is exactly what his aide, Tony Eluemunor, attempted to do here.

    The same story can be found in today’s edition of most Nigerian papers. Does that mean that Ibori owns them?

  2. It is good that Ibori has been charged to court, when is EFCC arresting Obasanjo, Andy Uba ,Chris Uba, Adedibu ,Tony Anenih ,Ita-giwa etc.

  3. Harrison Iyamanbhor

    Mike, What a good question. I can’t wait for those Uba boys to give account of their mind-boggling wealth to the nation. As for Obasanjo, he is an old dog; you’ll never catch him.

  4. Harrison Iyamanbhor

    Dear Editor

    I had the same problem understanding this just as Mr. Emeka Aneke especially, the 5th paragraph that started without a quotation mark.

    I am glad that The Times Of Nigeria is not serving as an advocates of corrupt politicians.

    Keep up the good work

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