Ali Supports Reversal Of Obasanjo’s Policies!

National chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Ahmadu Ali, has thrown his weight behind the federal government’s reversal of some policies of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, saying they were reparative.

Commenting on the recent upturn of Obasanjo’s health policy, Ali said, “What is happening, if you allow me to put it in medical terms, because I am a medical doctor, is what we call reparative surgery.”

Reparative surgery, he explained, is “when a surgical operation is carried out and it does not look neat enough, then you have to do another repair. so what is happening now is reparative surgery.”

According to him, it is the prerogative of the federal Executive Council to review and repair policies it feels are not in tandem with the new order and make adjustments, saying there was no harm intended in such.

“But most importantly is the fact that the party gave birth to the government in power. But the party does not appear to be running the government. The Federal Executive Council is going on now, I don’t have the agenda of the meeting and I don’t know the input members of the council are making.

“So asking me the mechanics of the council or governance of the country, I think, is asking too much. All I would say is that we try to create more jobs and conducive welfare for Nigerians.

“If things have been done not well before, it has to be corrected. I believe that when I leave this office, the next chairman will find some of the things that I have done not too suitable to him and he will get his working committee, they would discuss it and take a new policy decision. So what is happening now is inevitable.

“The overall interest is that it is in the overall interest of Nigerians.”

The chairman warned state executive councils and other executive councils to avoid making the mistake of suspending or disciplining members of the party that are in the National Working Committee.

Making references to the alleged suspension of the national women leader, Chief Herberta Okonufua, who was suspended by the Edo State chapter of PDP, Ali declared that no member of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) can be disciplined, suspended or expelled by any organ of the party lower than the NEC.

“The national women leader is a national officer, a member of National Executive Committee. By our Constitution you cannot sit at any other level to expel her,” he said.

The PDP leader further declared that in an event of any perceived wrongdoing by a national officer of the party the other organs of the party can only write to intimate the NEC, who in turn will give directives on the next line of action.

“Write us, we will look into it and tell you what to do. You don’t sit at that level and expel a national officer. She can only be expelled at this (NEC) level,”he said.

– Leadership


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