Ibori: Militants Give FG 48Hrs Ultimatum!

A Nigerian rebel leader wants the authorities to free a former governor charged with corruption or face renewed attacks on the oil industry. For VOA, Gilbert da Costa in Abuja reports the threat comes at a time when the region’s militants are urging a united front to cripple oil production.

Tom Pullo is regarded as the supreme rebel commander in oil-rich Delta state, the home of embattled former governor James Onanefe Ibori, who is facing corruption trial.

Pullo told VOA his group will hit hard at the beleaguered oil industry at the expiration of his deadline.
“That 48 hours to the oil and gas companies to leave the Niger Delta, or else let the Federal Republic of Nigeria come and face us, we are ready for them,” he said. “If they do not leave James Onanefe Ibori, we are ready for them. They cannot keep Onanefe Ibori under key and lock. Ibori fought for resource control that is our right, and we want him out.”
Pullo, who was involved in a series of attacks on the oil industry in the past, is also upset that President Umaru Yar’Adua has granted only one of the several demands made by armed groups in the region when they declared a ceasefire in June.

The demands include the release of former governor Diepreye Alamieyesiagha, the withdrawal of troops from the region, the granting of greater local access to oil revenues, and the appointment of an ethnic Ijaw from the Niger Delta as oil minister.

The government has not responded to the threat, but many in the oil industry see it as a worrying sign of renewed violence in the oil-producing region.

Key militant leaders are now pressing rebel factions in the Niger Delta to unify their positions and join in a massive onslaught against the troubled oil industry.

Large amounts of oil revenues have been stolen by the region’s leaders, many of whom are believed to have links to the militants.

Bombings and attacks since early 2006 by armed groups in the volatile delta have cut Nigeria’s estimated 2.5 million barrel daily crude production by more than 20 percent.

Any further escalation of tensions could have grave implications for the Nigerian economy, which relies heavily on oil revenues.



7 responses to “Ibori: Militants Give FG 48Hrs Ultimatum!

  1. If there is any thing to go about the reports in the print media,the federal goverment should hold Ibori and the governor of Delta state Uduaghan responsible for any threat or attack by the terrorist groups masqurading als miltants group.
    Only few days ago this terrorist group called ibori their ” great leader” no body or group is above the laws of the country.Ibori and his terrorist groups can not hold us under siege.We delta state citizens should rise up against this attrocities and threats.Violence is not the monopoly of any group.Ibori and Uduaghan should be held responsible and tried for sedition if this threat is carried out,

  2. Harrison Iyamanbhor

    I couldn’t agree with Delta Watch more.

    I think it’s now time that the Federal Govt dealt with these criminals mercilessly. After all, they have completely lost the sympathy of the world.

    Lest, we forget, these are callous people who kidnap innocent and defenseless children including, a 3 year-old.

  3. Everybody knows that Ibori was and is still financing the millitants.
    Those stark illiterates does not know that Ibori stole their own share of oil money.
    Nigeria will be stupid to cave in to their demand.

  4. I appeal to the militants to stop all forms of planned attacks because Chief Ibori in 8 years as governor of Delta State championed peace was, in fact, an architect of the peace that prevails today in the state. Haven said that, it needs to be added that the insinuations that Ibori looted the funds of the state are wrong. This man has not been proven guilty by the courts of law. We should therefore await the verdicts of the court. Those who want to drink Ibori’s blood, are themselves not saints. We know those who are being paid to write cover stories on Ibori to destroy his political carreer. They will fail just as Thambo Mbeki failed to clip the wings of Zuma. After the Court’s vindication, IBORI will rise again

  5. It is indeed difficult to understand the goings on in the Niger Delta. Maybe we need some tutorials to be able to keep up?? You have been crying that the area has been underdeveloped and neglected by the Federal Government and on that ground many people try in vain to justify the criminalty going on over there in the name of militancy! Since 1999 the states of the Niger Delta have recieved unprecedented amounts of money in allocation, yet they do not want the state governments to be held to account?? The Federal Governemnt can be held to account but the moment you start querying the states and local governments about how they spent moneys accruing to them, you hear uninterpretable cries??? You say you want your area developed yet you kidnap foreigners including those engaged in road work and civil work? What I belive they should be worried about is that Ibori gets a fair trial, if he goes through a fair and free trial and he is guilty he should face the music!! I cannot understand how a group that claims to be angry over the non development of an area would threaten violence because the authorities seek to punish those suspected of frittering away moneys meant for such development?? Nigeria is indeed a stange country???

  6. Tompolo, Please let us not do things that will portray us as fools in the Niger Delta. If the struggle in the Niger Delta is about justice and development, we should be very cautious about what we say on the trial of those who are allegedly looted and denied the Niger Delta of development for decades. We should learn from Kosovo, we should learn from Eritrea, how they negotiated there way out of captivity. The word Izon means truth. If Ibori has given you money, it is your money not Ibori’s personal money. Take the money and keep your conscience. If we are not careful the development we are craving for will elude us forever. God help the Niger Delta.

  7. Ha, shame knows no bounds. So that is what Ibori and his friends have stooped too, eh? Attempting to hold the nation hostage?

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