Nigeria Made “Tremendous Stride With April Elections” – Iwu

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Maurice Iwu, has advised those calling for him to resign to channel their energies somewhere else because he intends to serve out his term. Iwu made the comment at the National Press Club in Washington, DC where he presented the last April’s election report to the media.

“We had a job to do and we performed to the best of our abilities under a terrible condition. We were asked to conduct elections but in reality we were in a war zone. Yes, it was like war. People with different agendas tried to stop the election with the aim of throwing the country into chaos. Thank God they did not succeed.” He told The Times of Nigeria.

Iwu said, though “mistakes” were made, he maintained that politicians wanted his head at all cost because of their failure to disrupt the entire electoral process.

Speaking further, Iwu admitted that the elections were not perfect but “the results represented the intent and will of the voters.”

“How can you allow someone who has partisan interest; who lost election; who has all rights to be aggrieved from venting his anger? But the point is that the anger is misplaced. We should think in terms of their working hard to win elections next time and not trying to personalize issues.

“One thing is a fact. The fact is that the election was a triumphant movement on the part of Nigerians from one civilian elected government to another. That is something that nobody can remove from Nigeria.”

According to Iwu, Nigeria has made “tremendous stride” with the elections.

Iwu said “the bickering of a handful of people should not be allowed to affect negatively the fortunes of the masses. The Commission wants the bigger interest of Nigerians to prevail.”

“In terms of public opinion, we are trying to capture our people as many as possible in terms of their knowing what happened at the elections and then be able to form their own opinion that is why we have decided to bring this report to Nigerians in Diaspora.” He explained.

Explaining the difficulties his commission encountered during the elections, Iwu said, “”The last batch of materials arrived the country by 10 p.m Friday night and was distributed within 12 hours to the 774 local government areas and 8,800 wards. This was a huge challenge,” he declared.

He said some powerful politicians worked to get the polls postponed so that an interim national government would emerge. While others planned to cause trouble by seeking a court judgment to stop the announcement of results, adding that another group who benefited from military rule wanted to topple the government.

Iwu aimed his most stringent criticism at the European Union observers whom he said tried to interfere in Nigeria’s internal affairs instead of being observers. Iwu said the international observers ignored the rules. “They cannot do that in the Federal Republic of Nigeria,”

Iwu said he they were angered because he denied their offers of financial assistance. “The offer was increased to 20 and later 40 million euros but it was rejected. The animosity with EU began when INEC rejected their request to sit in the commission’s meetings and to have a copy of voters tabulated electronically,”

Iwu told The Times of Nigeria that he could not have influenced the results of the elections as the Electoral officers and resident commissioners were directly under him. He said the commissioners were appointed by the Federal Government and do not report to INEC’s chairman.

“My job as Chief Electoral Officer starts with preparing the election. I have no authority to tell resident electoral officers what to do. Did I tabulate the results tendered by resident officers? I am swearing by God Almighty that I did not. We did everything we said we will do according to the Constitution”

Nigeria’s acting ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Usman Baraya who gave the vote of thanks at the event, urged Nigerians in America to eschew bitterness and work together to make the country a great nation.


4 responses to “Nigeria Made “Tremendous Stride With April Elections” – Iwu

  1. I think that the Prof is insane with his utterances on the elections. He was appointed by OBJ to deliver the elections to PDP and he did just that. All this story is to justify the bad job he did.
    Ask the ordinary people on the street about the election, then you will understand that the Iwu is a disaster

  2. The art of trying to turn black into white is not original to Maurice Iwu. Hitler’s Master of Deception and Propoganda Josef Goebbels, took that despicable vocation to the level of an art when during the 2nd world war he tried so hard but unsuccessfully on behalf of Hitler and his Nazis to sell so many untruths to a bewildered civilised world. In the face of all their attrocities Goebbels for example tried unsuccessfully to tell us that Hitler and the Nazis were equivelents of heavenly angels and that their many crimes against humanity like Holocaust were patriotic acts. Goebbells even once tried to make the world believe that Jesus was not a Jew. No matter how hard Iwu tries to rewrite history he can never succed. The world has already made up it’s mind about the
    419 elections held by him and his boss Obasanjo. No amount of sick attempts at revisionism would save his battered image. Like Shakespeare said of Macbeth after he murdered King Duncan of Scotland….”all the scents of Arabia can never sweeten this little hand….” By the way where did Iwu get the money that he has been spending globe trottting all over the world to try and sell his Nollywood scripts?? Is it part our hard earned money?? Were these trips budgetted for in the INEC budget? Is it part of INEC’s brief to go all over the world trying to explain how they held elections?? The National Assembly wants to make us belive that they are now serious with their oversight functions?? This is one for them to chew on. They must summon Iwu to come and explain this unecessary expenditure.

  3. It is unfortunate that Nigeria as a country still parades people like Iwu. He is not only dumb but in-ept. How can you distribute electorial materials in 12 hours it is impossible haba Professor. There are some places in Gombe, Gongola and even Sokoto that you cannot reach in a whole day, some places you have to use motor bikes because cars cannot pass thru. It shows that election did not hold in many areas. What sense does it make going around the world to explain or give election results, after your officials have admitted falsifying results in Edo, Osun, Delta and many more States. Who is sponsoring these trips, is it from tax payers money. This Professor is sick and needs to explain to EFCC about the many controversial contracts it awarded to politicians just to please the PDP. I am also disappointed in this website for even reporting these nonesense I was told the publisher got the Juicy contract to brand the event, who ever the publisher is, you cannot brand or PR ofr something that is BAD, no matter how you try, you are only parading yourself as one of those chop and chop journalist, well thats what you are any way, who know you sef . nobody GOOD LUCK WHILE WE INVESTIGATE YOU

  4. I strongly sympathise with Prof Iwu, not many Nigerians understand the undercurrents in the nation’s dirty polity. It was obvious that Obj who appointed Iwu in the first place never wanted an election. He was more preoccupied by his third term agenda and when that failed, he started another plot of using the national assembly to extend his tenure after he and his kitchen cabinet may have succeeded in plunging the country into serial crisis. Meanwhile his feud with his deputy Atiku after both men openly treated Nigerians to the sleazy details of how the squandered public money. Atiku who is still at the tribunal, he has a right to do so, unfortunately is about the most corrupt public official in the country. His name appears on every page in the nation’s long diary of corruption. And if there was any person that badly wanted to corrupt the electoral process, it’s Atiku. He is only crying now because the PDP outsmarted him in his own game. Iwu’s sin was that he went ahead to conduct the election they did not want to hold. We must thank him for his courage and wisdom to declare the results as they came in. The last local government election which held in PDP states testifies very strongly to the fact that Iwu cannot be the problem of poor elections in Nigeria.It is a problem created by the politicians, they were the ones that used the police to hijack ballot boxes, governors used their secirity details to thumb print ballot papers in govt houses, it is lazy argument to blame Iwu for what happened, that is what the politicians, the real culprits, like to hear. For Nigeria to move forward the likes of Atiku, Obj and others who became billionnaires as public servants should be purged from the system not a science professor who has become a global brand before returning to Nigeria only to be insulted by illiterates in govt. Those of us who live in Nigeria and who are privileged to know a few ofthe dirty deals in govt have never ceased to applaud Iwu for going ahead with election against all odds. The EU observers merely display their ignorance of the Nigerian situation when they sit down to doodle reports on an election they didn’t have the capacity to observe neither do they understand the context under which the polls were conducted. I think the Prof justified his stay at the commission, he could have taken the easy way out be resigning shortly before the polls thereby presenting the likes of Atiku the opportunity to implement their crooked interim govt. Iwu sure deserves some commendation for breaking the national civilian to civilian transition jinx.

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