Group Urge EFCC To Drop Charges Against Ibori

Foreign chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on the anti-graft agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to drop the charges it preferred against the former governor of Delta State, James Ibori.

It also asked the commission to withdraw its opposition to Ibori’s application for bail.

Chairman of the chapter, Ikenna Azomichine, who made the call while addressing journalists in Abuja on Thursday, alleged that the trial of the governor is part of the international conspiracy against Nigeria’s nationalism.

Ibori is currently facing a 129 count charge of money laundering at the Federal High Court, Kaduna.

Azomichine, a former governorship aspirant in Anambra State on the platform of PDP, accused EFCC of bowing to international pressure spearheaded by the United Kingdom to nail Ibori.

“They should shun these international pressures. We should not allow foreigners to interfere in our domestic politics as we do not interfere in their own internal politics,” he added.

The politician, who recalled the sacrifices Ibori made during the last PDP presidential campaign by following the party everywhere to sell the programmes of the incumbent President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, said the former governor does not deserve the humiliation he is currently facing.


4 responses to “Group Urge EFCC To Drop Charges Against Ibori

  1. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    It’s people like Ikenna Azomichine that make good Nigerians ashamed to identify themselves as Nigerians. Is he thick, stupid or ignorant? I guess all of the above. Mr Azomichie’s stupidity defies logic and comprehension…and this is someone who had ambition to be a governor!

    May God help us.

  2. Mr Azomichine, a you saying allegation of corruption should not be probed in Nigeria? There should not be accountability in Nigeria? Did you not here when Margaret Thatcher’s son was jailed for planning coup and arms deal in Guinea? If foreigner tell us the truth we should ignore it because its coming from foreigners. I weap for Nigeria because of people like you who hold public office in Nigeria. Only God Almighty will deliver Nigeria from ‘demonically corrupt’ people like you.
    God save Nigeria.

  3. Ikenna Azomichine is a disgrace to Nigeria at home and in diapora.How can a normal person say such a think?
    Did foreigh goverment ask Ibori to loot the Delta state treasury?It is this same Ikenna Azomichine that are the foot soldiers of Ibori.I am from Delta state and an Urhobo man as Ibori who knows the sufferings Ibori inflicted on the Deltans.Why did Ikenna not raise up his voise against the arrest and trial of other PDP former governors?Ikenna should shut up and keep him self busy with his Anambra state politics.Iam from Delta state and an Urhobo man like Ibori.A political jobber and opportunist like Ikenna has no moral right to say what is right and wrong.He is just making a foolery of himself. made hi

  4. Olabode Adeniran, California.

    Its so shameful that we have people who are not only ignorant, but alas! very immature in their outlooks in life governing our affairs in Nigeria. Ikenna and the likes abound all over the country and are completely involved with every fibre of the politics of the country. If the reason advanced for not pursuing criminal actions against an individual would be because of nepotism(Ibori and Yar’Adua are pals, abi?) we are indeed in a serious trouble in Nigeria. Ones prayer is that the judiciary would continue to gain more independence as time goes on and people like Ikenna never get the opportunity to a become ‘gateman’ in any government office in Nigeria.

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