I am Innocent – Iyabo Obasanjo


Dr. Iyabo Bello-Obasanjo has reacted to the allegations by M. Schneider, an Austrian company, that she used false identity to do business with them.

Also, Prince Albert Awofisayo, the former chairman of the Nigerian subsidiary of the company, has dismissed allegations levelled against him by the company.

Both of them spoke in separate interviews with THISDAY.

Iyabo said she was not directly involved in the business. “I know Prince Awofisayo. Sometime ago, he invited me to be part of a business he wanted to do. Some of these proposals work, other times they don’t. Prince said I should not worry, that he would fund the entire project. I told him since I was a commissioner, it could raise issues of conflict of interest. We agreed to go into the business all the same. Prince formed a company and did all the ground work. We agreed that I should use a different name, yes, because in law there is nothing wrong with that. Even the arbitration panel in Paris, on which a judge of the high court of England sat, agreed that legally, there was nothing wrong in that.

“The company put in bids for the power projects without any input from me. It went through a normal, transparent process. I didn’t even know anybody at NEPA, so I could not have influenced anything. The company won the contracts. It is true that I used a pseudonym. It was Prince Awofisayo who funded the whole project. I did not put in a penny and I did not receive a penny from it.

“The truth will come out someday. This is pure blackmail. Because their business relationship has gone bad now, they now want to drag me in an unnecessary controversy. This is unfair. They are trying to use the media to destroy me because I am Obasanjo’s daughter. Does it mean because I am Obasanjo’s daughter, I cannot do anything again in this country? I have worked hard all my life. I am a PhD holder by dint of hard work. Does it mean I cannot even do anything again in my life without people trying to make a big issue out of it?”

Prince Awofisayo told THISDAY he was out of the country but would speak on the controversy as soon as he returns.

He said the Austrian company had resorted to blackmail because of its failure to prove its case in a court of law.

“I am the sole promoter, financier and initiator of M. Schneider Energy Nig. Limited,” he said. “Iyabo is someone I have known for a long time. I wanted her to be part of the business and I invited her. Reluctantly, she agreed to join. What these Austrian guys are doing is unfair. They just want to blackmail the woman. When we couldn’t forge a good working relationship, our deal collapsed. I took them to the International Court of Arbitration and I won. They went to the court in Nigeria and lost, yet they are trying by all means to blackmail everybody. I have all the documents with me. We will sit down and discuss everything when I return to Nigeria. I am not saying don’t write your story, but you owe me the duty of getting all the facts right. They have lost every case against me, that is why they are resorting to blackmail.”


7 responses to “I am Innocent – Iyabo Obasanjo

  1. Iyabo, please say the truth and the truth shall set you free. You are involved. It is clear from this your initial response.’There may be conflict of interest’ and you still went ahead with the deal……whaaaaaaaahooooooo. PHD holder!
    May God bless Nigeria.

  2. If she had nothing to hide, and if there was no conflict of interest, why was a different name used? We don’t care about your PhD…who says PhD holders are above the law? You are as crooked and corrupt as the other uneducated AND educated politicians in Nigeria.

  3. This thing stinks more than a dead rat. I believe many such deals have been executed successfully without the knowledge of ordinary Nigerians. Now that things have fallen apart between the dealers; I’m hearing blackmail. BLACKMAIL my foot!.

  4. “The company put in bids for the power projects without any input from me. It went through a normal, transparent process” – Dr. Mrs. Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello.

    Considering that her business associate has admitted that MSEN did not possess requisite experience or record of performance to secure such contracts, how does our PhD holder reconcile this with her claim that the bid went through a normal, transparent process.

    Dr. Obasanjo-Bello’s involvment and what she stood to gain in this deal is clear and well admitted. Recall the acquisition of the government shares in AP by Sadiq Petroleum? Though the allegation of the then Vice President’s involvement in that transaction is yet to be proven and Mallam El Rufai had always insisted that Alhaji Abubakar Atiku had no interest in Sadiq Petroleum and that the sale of those shares were transparent, your dad insisted on hounding down that company and eventaully succeeded.

    Here the loss of mere 10% commission has pushed you as far as going to arbitration without realising the implications of what you were getting into. And coming to think that your brother, Gbenga, was out in town granting interviews to the press and insulting Alhaji Atiku over unproven and unadmitted allegations makes this entire drama unfolding now most unfortunate.

  5. Emmy oz (denmark)

    This proves how mush Obasanjo and family loves Nigeria, We all know that energy/curruption has been one of the greatest problems hampering the economic growth in Nigeria, still this self acclaimed rightious man (Obj) went ahead to award such an important megga contract to his company(s) or could he claim ignorance of the deal? this man and his patners in the crimes against Nigerians should be charged with treason/felony under de..4. or do we have to call this another case of “two armed robbers sharing their loots.” Obasanjo, Do you really hate this country this mush? MAY GOD SAVE NIGERIA FROM THE EVIL MEN AND WOMEN!!! AMEN…………

  6. Do you know , how many deals that Obasanjos family have done that are shaddy but we never got to know, its a deal that have gone sour. God help Nigeria

  7. Dr Iyabo Obasanjo shame on you,ex president thief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR shame on you.May all the secret deals that you and your family did against this country be made public in Jesus name Amen and may the anger of God be kindled agianst all the people who have looted Nigerian money and may the blood of all the people who died as a result of the selfish decisions of these past leaders be on the heads of those leaders and their families.

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