Daily Archives: December 26, 2007

Scores Killed In Lagos Pipeline Fire!

At least 34 people have been burned to death after a petrol pipeline exploded in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, officials say.

Local people had been trying to collect fuel from the pipeline, which had been deliberately breached, when something caused the petrol to ignite.

Most of the victims were women and children, who had arrived with fuel containers, witnesses said.

Such disasters are not unusual in oil-rich Nigeria.

A year ago, at least 260 people died in one pipeline explosion in Lagos.

Nigeria produces huge amounts of fuel from its vast oil reserves, but it remains out of legal reach to most of the poverty-stricken population.

“The incident occurred in the early hours of Christmas Day… by the time our team located the place they found about 34 charred bodies,” said Frank Mbah, a Lagos police spokesman.

– BBC News