Exclusive: Why Ribadu Was Redeployed!

Though the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Chairman, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, has said that the attempt to send him on a course was a plot by the presidency and the Police Inspector General to remove him from his chairmanship position, Times of Nigeria has been told by sources at the Police Headquarters that Ribadu actually applied to go on that course.

Police IG, Mike Okiro

Another source at the Presidential Villa in Abuja said that Ribadu sent in the application in the dying days of the Obasanjo administration, when there were moves to make him the Inspector General of Police. One of the criticisms against him then was that he had not attended the War College or the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies NIPSS, Kuru, near Jos. To make up for that failure, it was planned that Ribadu should attend the prestigious institute, but for six months only. Owing to that understanding, Ribadu reportedly applied to attend the Kuru course. Now, the authorities simply granted Ribadu’s old request to proceed on that course.

This time, the equation has changed; it is not only that there is a change of administration, Ribadu too, is said to be afraid that if he is made to leave the EFCC seat, the next Police officer that would occupy it, no matter how fleetingly, may give in to growing demands that his activities be scrutinized.

Speaking to Times of Nigeria, a Deputy Inspector-General of Police, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that “this Ribadu episode has brought shame on the Nigeria Police Force. Haba journalist, have you ever seen where a junior officer would be openly abusing the Police IG? Haba! This is the problem that being in government brought on the military; people get to hold political offices and they make so much money that it begins to get into their heads, and they begin to disobey their superior officers. That is what is exactly playing out now. And you journalists do not know when you are being manipulated: Ask Ribadu whether he has ever been a DPO (Divisional Police Officer) in his entire life? Go ahead and ask him. Let him come back to the Police Force and meet us.

He continued: “Tell those journalists who are induced to write nonsense if they do not know that recently, piles of petition against Ribadu has been pouring into the Presidency. So the man does not want to leave that post. But is any position for life? Have other Police officers not left the Force to head specialized agencies or to even be State Governors?

“You journalists who write nonsense about plots to remove Ribadu should ask yourselves why somebody would want to die in a post, and so is ready to blackmail the President, The Police IG, etc, just so that he could keep his job? Once somebody starts doing that in the Police, we know that he wants to hide something. That is when we begin to look deeper into the person’s affairs. The petitions are pouring in and Ribadu cannot postpone the day of reckoning. Nigerians should ask themselves how many police officers have houses overseas”.

For a few days now, there has been a major controversy over almost nothing as it centered on only whether Ribadu is about to proceed for a course at NIPSS. NIPSS is about the most prestigious institution in Nigeria as its alumni are at the topmost level of governance and influence in Nigeria. The alumni are about the most respected “exclusive club in Nigeria”. A source said that under the military, to deny an officer the chance of attending NIPSS is to deny him the chance of becoming a General. He pointed out that many soldiers voluntarily retired from their posts just so that they could attend the Kuru institute.

The Presidency source told The Times of Nigeria that the President and his aides were angered by the leak in the media that Ribadu’s impending study leave was a plot weaken the agency. The report in yesterday’s Thisday newspaper was said to be the final straw that spurred the President into action. The source said the President believed that the report in Thisday was leaked by EFCC operatives.

“That has been the most guided secret of the Christmas period in Nigeria. The leakage of that by then yet to be concluded arrangement, and the claims that Ribadu was being removed from the EFCC just because the Presidency did not support his anti-corruption fight has seemingly hurt, rather than help Ribadu this time. Now the Presidency has taken this latest action as blackmail.” The source concluded.



14 responses to “Exclusive: Why Ribadu Was Redeployed!

  1. this is just any attempt by the gov. to distract EFCC from going after the so call Ex. Govs.

  2. Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.

    The Chairman of EFCC, Nuhu Ribadu is the ideal person for the position for now. It is true that one person may not stay in one position for a life time, but it depends on the position and the time. The facts remain that Ribadu pose a threat to many corrupt people in Nigeria. I would thingk that many reasonable and “responsible” Nigerians would prefer that Ribadu stays in this position for now because he is doing a good job for Nigeria. Those who wants him out of the position are enemies of Nigeria and the peoples’ progress. It is not impossible that there might be someone else who may do a good job in this position, but it is doubtful considering the porous nature of those people that are looking for a way to get Ribadu replaced. Many Nigerias would conceed that Ribadu be granted special consension to remain in the position of EFCC for now.

  3. Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

    The removal of Ribadu from his powerful position was inevitable for several reasons. Ribadu should have seen it coming or he must have been very naïve. Here are the reasons why he should have gone a long time ago:
    1. He has made himself the subject matter. Is he a special investigator, Minister of Justice, President or what? He seemed to think he held all of these officers and more. He was out of control
    2. Ribadu was too closely connected to Obasanjo to be independent, in a position that calls for the utmost independence of the political system.
    3. Corruption is massive in Nigeria but even then a wise counsel would choose which fights to get into and which to let go for the moment. He was firing scatter shots in the hopes of getting something, when he needed to pursue a few cases at once and bring them to a successful conclusion. There are simply so many loose knots hanging around. I know of no case Ribadu followed all the way to the end and which well informed Nigerians could recall what happened and how it ended.
    4. The Chairman of EFCC is a controversial position almost by definition. Cases chosen would be interpreted many ways by many reviewers, but a case where no one considered beholden to Obasanjo was scrutinized but most of his opponents were leaves room for doubt.
    5. Mr. Ribadu enjoyed press conferences so much so that his best trials and convictions were done in press interviews, not in courts. His efforts to ignore court orders, to ignore the Chief Justice of Nigeria, to ignore the rule of law and the rights of defendants, to ignore even his President, are the stuff bandits are made of.
    Although I wrote all these things about Mr. Ribadu, let the record show that he threw the search light on how ingrained corruption is in our public and private life. His intentions were great but his execution was deeply lacking.

    Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba
    Boston Massachusetts
    December 28, 2007

  4. This is a good idea if the war on corruption must be fought with no bias or double standard

  5. I dey Sidon look

  6. I still hold my view that his removal is just a tip of the ice berg to cover the atrocities of the Yar Adua government.Why was Ribadu not asked to go on leave before now?why is it that after the arrest of Ibori that Ribadu is sent course? Why is it that the loquacious attorney general from day one has been fighting Ribadu? is it not a fact that the attorney general was the counsel of most ex corrupt governors? is it not true that Ibori sponsored the appointment of the present police IG?,is it not true that Ibori is threaten the Yar Adua government with the mother of all electoral exposure that will assist the opposition in the tribunal?is it not true that Ibori donated over 8 billion naira to the campaign of Yar adua?is it not true that Ibori was corruptly recruited in to the united nations delegation of Yar Adua?is it not true that the attorney general of Nigeria is against the persecution of Ibori?is it not true that Ibori is leaving like a king in the prison?is it not true that Ibori depleted the account of Delta state?is it not true that the new candidate Solomon Arase is a crony of Ibori,is it not true that Ibori is controlling the top echelon of the Nigerian police?Nigerians are no fools even if most of us pretend to be passive to issues affecting them.Agreed that Ribadu was sometimes biased in some of his actions just like all of us including Yar Adua,we all know that he was the hunting dog of Obasanjo but who in Nigeria will beat his chest an throw the first stone?has Ribadu not performed especially since the new regime?
    God save Nigeria Amen

  7. Mister/Madam,
    Is that how you actually watch Delta? You seem so ready to believe every drivel ever published as you have no sense of reasoning independently. If Yar’Adua has been sheilding Ibori, then why was Ibori arrested in the first place? Also you wrote that Ribadu was Obasanjo’s attack dog, is that the sort of anti-corruption czar Nigeria needs? I hope the new EFCC boss will check how Ribadu spent EFCC’s money. By the way that man talked too much and showed too much interest in politics. And why since last year did he not open investigations into “Iyabogate”? Delta watch, Jimmy Cliff sang liong ago that You can’t be wrong and get right. So if Ribadu has been biased, he has been biased. Where did Obj get the money for third term or you did not know that legislators were bribed. Please ltes be serious. And don’t lionise Ibori by saying that he and he alone controlled the Police, controled Arase, controlled Yar’Adua and Aondoakaa too.

  8. Tony thank you for your piece.
    In the first place you did not dispute the posers or questions I raised.
    You did not dispute the fact that Ibori stole billions from the coffers of Delta state,
    You did not dispute the fact that Ibori is living like a Don in Kaduna prison, you did not dispute the dubious role of the attorney general, you did not dispute the wrong timing of the IG, s posting of Ribadu.This is not a black or white issue, between these colours there are still some other colours.
    Agreed like I said that Ribadu was biased during OBJ s tenure but I must say that OBJ is no longer in power and gradually the search light is beaming to him. Why was Ibori not arrested during OBJs time? Why was Iyabo not questioned during OBJs time? I am not trying to call Ibori a bad name just to hang him, as an urhobo man like Ibori, the facts are there.
    Let us not condone corruption. This episode will act as a warning to the present leaders that there is accountability after power. If Ribadu is corrupt as you insinuate then he will be made to face the law. But I so much doubt as a Nigerian ,if there is anyone so courageous as Ribadu to tackle the issue of corruption.Have you forgetten that Ribadu every day is being threaten?this young man has risked his life just to serve Nigerian yet there are enemies of Nigeria who are after his head because he is after corrupt politicians.Nigeria we hail thee.

    God bless Nigeria Amen.

  9. If truly this Ribadu Guy has something in hiding… let him leave the agency so as to be investigated and if not let him return to serve his 4 year term.

    I quite agree with the DIG on thorough investigation before publication by you press men and women so as to avoid on-healthy support for people you thought are angels and fallout to be devils.

    Let Nuhu go on study leave. I am 100% against corruptions in whatever way.

  10. The president probably has the right to remove nuhu however the message the action gives is very very negative in the fight against corruption.

  11. i am sure there is a legitimate reason for firing mallam ridadu.the nation awaits with bated breath for the reason.in the meanwhile we have women and children burnt to death whilst siphoning petrol.we have MEND making demands.we have iyaabogate.there are more investigations than we can swing a cat at.this does not include the normal running of the economy.may the Lord help us in 2008 because we will sure need it .i hope someone is busy appeasing the military or else we may have a short-lived political transition.each time we are given a chance we blow it.the plot thickens.

  12. Let Ribadu go.What if he dies wont EFFCC continue her war against corruption.The issue here is that this young man called Ribadu is too arrogant,and do not respect the law,even his police boss and the president.We need somebody who will be good for the post,maywhile let nobody think that the likes of Iboris will escape justice without Rabadu at work.We have vibrant courts now that can be trusted.

  13. come come chief clark we know that one tree does not make a forest but in nigeria some trees are in most cases worth more than the bloody forest.nigeria needs a doer and ribadu is one.in our 47year history please list the effective selfless public servants for us.ribadu is not arrogant ,he may have jettisoned the obsequieous deference that prevails in the country part of our sickening sycophantic nature which inevitably encourages graft.that is not arrogance.we have no time for oga after oga,it has simply got us AS A NATION NO WHERE.his police boss and the president is neither here or there.afterall in some quarters the presidents mandate is questionable.so sir this is not about respect nigerian style which means sycophacy,this is simply about performance.to use your analogy the igp and the president are just 2 individuals ,just like you and i ,in the eyes of the law.are’nt they?

  14. There is no doubt that a lot of interests are at work on this Ribadu issue. Why would the presidency which keeps insisting that they are truly resolved to fight corruption remove Ribadu at this crucial moment in the protracted war on corruption. The painful thing about the whole thing is that Ibori’s cronies are jubiliating that it was because of Ibori that Yar’Adua has removed the crusader. We are watching to see how the whole scenario plays itself out.
    I totally agree that one man cannot be in a post forever but this man is suppoosed to stay a term of four years. Has he completed his tenure. If I were Mr. President, no matter the petitions that amass on Ribadu, I would let him conclude some if not all of his cases especially those against the likes of Ibori. Take a trip to Delta state you’ll discover that nothing works now because Ibori and his men looted all there was in the state treasury for the eight years he was governor.
    Compare Donald Duke of Cross Rivers who got less than 2billion a month and Ibori who got about 7-9billion a month as allocation from the federal government. Duke achieved TINAPA. What can Ibori with his billions boast of achieving?
    Mr. President should put a stay of action on Ribadu because all those sychophants around him calling for Ribadu’s removal have a lot to hide. Mr. President may not have any skeleton in his cupboard but I seriously think that removing Ribadu NOW will cast doubts on his anti-corruption stand. Nigerians and indeed the whole world are watching.

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