President Yar’Adua Fires EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu!

President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua this afternoon approved the removal of the Chairman of the anti graft agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Malam Nuhu Ribadu when he consented to a the Inspector General of police plan to send all Assistant Inspector General of Police on a compulsory one year study at the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), in Kuru near Jos.

Malam Nuhu Ribadu is an Assistant Inspector General of Police and was seconded to head EFCC from the Police force by former President Olusegun Obasanjo when the agency was created.

A national daily, The Tribune has reported yesterday that, “IG orders Ribadu to proceed on 1-yr course.”

According to the newspaper, “While away in Jos, where he is expected to be fully engrossed in the course on a full-time basis while an acting chairman would be appointed from the police, with a commissioner of police from the SouthWest, already penciled in.

“Sources further revealed that the leadership of the police moved to give vent to the plot when the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mike Okiro, wrote to Ribadu, seeking a meeting with him on the planned course.”

Source close to The Times of Nigeria said Ribadu was incensed at what he called “ploys to remove him from office through the back door.”

“This plan is not new, we have been aware of for quite sometime now. What is new is that the President has approved it if indeed he has approved it.” A source close to Ribadu told The Times of Nigeria today.

During the meeting between the IG, Mike Okiro and Ribadu, tempers was said to have flared when the IG officially presented the offer to proceed on course to Ribadu. Ribadu allegedly stormed out of the meeting after telling Okiro he had no power to redeploy him.

“Only the President can redeploy. You can’t do that.” Ribadu was said to have told Okiro.

Okiro was said to have taken his case to President Yar’Adua who sided with him and told him to proceed with his plan. Armed with the President’s backing, Okiro today issued an official memo to that effect.

The Times of Nigeria learnt that President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua gave the IG’s plan to redeploy Ribadu and all those of the same rank his final seal of approval this afternoon and the IG, Mike Okiro immediately released a statement to that effect to all affected officers including the EFCC chairman.


35 responses to “President Yar’Adua Fires EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu!

  1. No! No no no, please leave Mallam Ribadu alone. Instead, fire Professor Iwu of INEC now. Please do not block the probe on Obansanjo’s daughter and Obasanjo himself.

  2. Is this not what we have been saying?

    Ribadu has been doing his work, though we also know that Obasanjo used him to witch-hunt his enemies, but such enemies were never without sin.

    Yar’ Adua is an indeterminate slow poison. He could even be worse than Obasanjo and Abacha. If he were the kind of messaiah that he wants people believe he is, Atiku, who is supposed to be like an elder brother to him would have stopped fighting his fraudulent “supposed” mandate.
    I can assure him that the heart of all men are with God, and he’d definately be suprised at the sustainance of Ribadu’s good legacies.
    The good people of Nigeria should use this as an indication to see that Yar’ Adua is a devil in disguis.

  3. Can’t say I feel sorry for Ribadu. He had a chance to leave a great legacy by going after EVERY corrupt government official in the country, instead he chose to allow himself to be used by his puppet-master Obasanjo, in a personal vendetta against the former President’s enemies.
    It would be nice if the President appointed an independent chairman of the EFCC with the mandate to go after everyone (including Atiku, Obasanjo, Orji Kalu, Odili, Ibori, Igbenedion, Tinubu, the Ubas, NNPC managment, Transcorp management, and even the current President) as long as they have evidence of corruption, BUT I don’t see that happening, as this is another of OBJ’s hidden moves through his proxy, Yar’Adua.
    Shame on Nigeria

  4. God save the less and underprivileged in Nigeria.
    Nigeria is a funny country where there are two set of rule one for the rich and connected like Ibori and the poor masses.
    Where there is the law for the PDP mafia and others.
    Yar Adua has shown the whole world that he is more corrupt than the Obasanjo regime. It has been speculated since last week that Ibori is going to cause the removal of Ribadu and he is going to be replaced by Solomon Arase a crony of Ibori.
    The Attorney general and inspector general of police are nominees of Ibori.
    Shame to Yar adua for he is a coward ,shame to Yar Adua that his government is rule by a clan of Mafia with Ibori as the DON or Capone ,shame to YarAdua for he regime will have no peace ,shame to the the corrupt leaders of Nigeria who pretend to preach accountability.
    I am ashame of being a Nigerian with such mundane and idiotic rulers that we have .
    We need a Rawlings revolution in Nigeria.
    God bless Nigeria Amen

  5. Let’s bring Babangida back, so that people can start playing 4-1-9 maradona formation without any referee.
    This latest development is to proof that Yar’Adua is not capable of ruling Nigeria. he should be fired ASAP.

  6. This is rather very shameful, however, it has not taken those of us “who have also said that Yar’Adua is a criminal” by surprise.
    Here is man, however being misused by Obansanjo, have always fought curruption gallantly.
    If Yar’ Adua were the saint he propheses to be, Atiku, who knows him better than a lot of people, and who also told Obansanjo that he does not know Yar’Adua, would have stopped the war against his stolen mandate. If Yar’ Adua were a honest man with integrity, he would not have allowed himself to be sworn in under such shameful circumstances despite the reports of the International Observers etc. These are the thieves that Nigeria should beware of, and I can assure them that God is still at work, and will use everything possible to bring them to book.

  7. i am sure there is a legitimate reason for firing mallam ridadu.the nation awaits with bated breath for the the meanwhile we have women and children burnt to death whilst siphoning petrol.we have MEND making demands.we have iyaabogate.there are more investigations than we can swing a cat at.this does not include the normal running of the economy.may the Lord help us in 2008 because we will sure need it .i hope someone is busy appeasing the military or else we may have a short-lived political transition.each time we are given a chance we blow it.the plot thickens.

  8. Nigeria is a hopeless country.

  9. It was long overdue for Ribadu to be removed as EFCC chairman. He no longer had any moral justification to probe people when all he did was selective investigation for selective people. Its good news!

  10. Fellow Nigerians, please do not rush into approving or dis-approving the action taken by President Yar’Adua. Let us wait for the aftermath of this “sudden return to school” ordered by IGP Okiro to “benefit” Mallam Ribadu. Yar’Adua preaches “Rule of Law” and Ribadu effects it both are partners in the fight against Corruption. Again let us keep our fingers crossed and see what happens next. Who knows whether the newly appointed acting Chairman from South West may be a “cloned Ribadu” or not. He/She might even be the long awaited Rawlings. God is fully in control.

  11. Whether we like it or not, removing Ribadu, amounts to a removal of a chunk of the trust and respect people, including me, had for the President and his anti-corruption drive. I started getting worried with the hanky-panky methods of the AGF, under the nose of the Presidency! Let us pray for Nigeria.

  12. Removal of Ribadu is a good decision from the president, we nigerians are talking of probing obasanjo a million dollar question l want to ask is this, can Ribadu probe obj? No he cant do it because his hands are tied lets call a spade a spade.

  13. What a spontaneous and emotional bunch of people we are.Even though we await to see what is truely going on,to think that one man is the hope of Nigeria,is to be hopeless.I am not,and Nigeria is not.If this was politically motivated to silence the truth,rather than discourage,it will encourage more people like Ribadu to arise and he will become a hero.If not,the EFCC will carry on business as usual.Understand this,EFCC does not work for Ribadu but Ribadu for EFCC.Long live Nigeria.

  14. We do not know why Ribadu was removed. We should wait for full explanations from government. But people and government should remember that no evil can go unpurnished( if I may quote late Dele Giwa).All evils if not addressed now will be addressed later, and if not by man, will be addressed certainly by God.

  15. It was first rumored, then rumoured then another rumour as if rumour never ends in Nigeria. It is clear though that in every rumour in Nigeria underneath is an aota of truth.

    Finally, Yar Adua is showing that he is a green snake lying quietly under a green plant. A serpent? I do not know.

    Yar Adua is not committed to fighting any corruption in Nigeria since he too is a child of corruption. All these noise and talks abour rule of law are all ruse. Wait and see, Nigeria will weep last.

  16. Ribadu has ns achieved next to nothing in my opinion.With all the “plea gargains” and selective prosecution, we’ve had all this while, I believe its time for a change.I really dont see how Ribadu can prosecute OBJ or his daughter(s) and sons successfuly. Another person to be removed is Iwu, but can Yar Adua do that? Time will tell. All we are saying is that, People like OBJ, Iwu,IBB and thier likes should be in jail (life improsonment) if possible, and thier loots recovered . This will surely serves as deterent to others going into public office. We want this evil vicious cycle to break. From Pre- Slave trade era, to Slave trade, and post slave trade. What is the problem with blak man?

  17. I’m baffled by some of these comments on Ribadu going on a normal police course. For christ’s sake the man is a police man answerable to the police acts and regulation. Lets not be blinded by one sided press being finanaced by Ribadu. Like a commentator asked, do you think we shall see the end of Iyabogate with Ribadu at the helm of affairs at the efcc? Why has the efcc not bothered to probe the NNPC? Why is Bode Goerge not being prosecuted? Let me tell you, if Ribadu’s hands are clean, he would not fight his going for a course which he applied for during Obasanjo regime. I can confirm that there are several pettitions against Ribadu botherring on financial impropriety. These are going to be investigated. Ribadu knew this hence he has been afraid to leave office. As a teaser… is it true Ribadu owns a luxurious house in Dubai where his family holidays? If it is true, how did he make the money to buy a house in Dubai? Secondly, is it true, El Rufai gave several choice houses to Ribadu in Abuja and is it also true Ribadu conscripted one of Alameiyeseigha’s houses in Abuja to his own? Is it true that the director of operations efcc, Mr Lamorde has a palatial mansion in Lekki? How did he make money to build that house? Questions and questions that are going to be answerred. Yes Ribadu is said to maintain only one account – his salary account. But is it true that a frontline lawyer from one of the south west states is one of his fronts? These are questions begging for answer. And there are more. So please lets ask Ribadu and co why they are afraid to leave efcc. Who ever takes over from Ribadu should be someone not in the efcc circle. An outsider should come in and let Nigeria have a true anti-corruption fight. We are waiting.

  18. Ribadu has not achieved next to nothing in my opinion.With all the “plea bargains” and selective prosecution, we’ve had all this while, I believe its time for a change.I really dont see how Ribadu can prosecute OBJ or his daughter(s) and sons successfuly. Another person to be removed is Iwu, but can Yar Adua do that? Time will tell. All we are saying is that, People like OBJ, Iwu,IBB and thier likes should be in jail (life improsonment- if possible), and thier loots recovered . This will surely serves as deterent to others going into public office. We want this evil vicious cycle to break. From Pre- Slave trade era, to Slave trade, and post slave trade. What is the problem with black man?

  19. na God go punish IG and YAR ADUA

  20. Ribadu did a good job to satisfy Obasanjo and his co travellers.
    where is Bode George? NPA? Iyabo obasanjo? Obasanjo himself?
    where is Alao Akala that Ribadu himself told an audience at the University of Ibadan that in any sain society the like of AKALA AND ADEDIBU can never be referred to as leaders. ? The same akala is in Government house in Ibadan. What a shame to Ribadu for selective operations.
    I think the man is an AIG…….WHAOKKKKKKKKKH. without going to War College or NIPSS.
    This is another Obasanjo legacy.
    May God help Nigeria

  21. This is a nice idea if the war on corruption must be fought with no bias and double standard



  24. it’s shocking and it seem Our president doesn’t know what he is doing. if (President) should think again on Nuhu case or he President will ragard because will be expose.

  25. Simply the president’s decision to remove nuhu at this crucial stage demolishes any credibility he had in respect of fighting corruption. It also confirms what we suspected since the appointment of the AGF – this is a reactionary government and it is not good for the country.

  26. We want Mr. Ribadu to be the president of our dear beloved country Nigeria. Ribadu, please take all the thieves away and lock them up – Well-done the only policemen who has my respect. Please ask Mr. President Yar Adua & Co. to stop wasting time and get on with the work of building the nation rather than damaging the country. Mr. Ribadu will attend training after expiration of his four years in office. IG Police, please training your police to check themselves of coruptions and stop point your figures in the direction of Ribadu who is doing Nigerian’s pride.

  27. Nigeria is greater than one person.Nuhu Ribadu is first of all a police officer and was appointed to the chairmanship of EFCC because he is a police man.

    He was at EFCC mere as a service posting.Ogbonna Onovo had been chairman of NDLEA as a posting from the police,ditto for Fulani Kwajjafa and Fidelis Oyakhilome.The late Major-General Musa Bamaiyi was also NDLEA chairman on release to the Presidency.

    We must not as a country personalise anti-drug/anti-fraud agencies as personal fiefdoms of persons who are ther on posting.

    Nigerians,including the respected nobel laeurate,Professor Wole Soyinka,may have forgotton that it was Wole Soyinka that started the Road Safety Corps,as a federal government agency when thepress insisted that General Hannaniya should be the Asiwaju for life of the Federal Road Safety Corps.Today,Osita Chidoka is doing very well has added celebral content to the corps.

    Nuhu Ribadu’s enduring legacy at EFCC would be that he has built a paradigm that would outlife his tenure,that is the crowning glory of any pioneer.

    Comment by Perisuo Dema

  28. Evry sane person will know that somthing is fishing.Why remove Ribadu now,when two prominent corrupt guys are colling their feet in prison and other big shuts are waiting on the list.After AGF has failed to protect Ibori.Anyway God DEY O Yaraaadu!Are You sincere at all or you are scared of the Big Dons

  29. Ribadu caught a fish too big for him to swallow, he was lucky he was not pulled into the water with the alligators.

    I personally don’t think the man can swim.
    While on study leave, he should chnage his glasses, prbably get a cost about $5,000.00

    I will pay for it

  30. IBORI AN EFCC, i hearby declare the arrest of James Ibori as being a political arrest or due to enveyness as him being the govenor of the richest state in the country, for so many years Delta state have been living in sqallon and adject povery and starvation due to the imgaginlisation from fedral government. No govermental infrastructure on gound, no good roads, inemployment yet Delta state is seen as the richest oil estate in the country. Right from when Delta state was created nothing tangeable to show for it all we get from the federal government is to put confusion between the ethnic groups in the state to start fighting themselves and youth restivness in the state. The development that has touched the lives of the deltans in the past 8 years has never been recorded from Ibru administration, oshulor, and military administraton. Since the creation of the state, i dont see the reason why they keep comparing Delta state with other neighbouring states and 13% derivation cause somewhere like Edo state, Lagos state, Port-hacort and some place like Calaba, Kaduna ect ect with Delta state. These are the states that have been in exsistance for so many years and have got govermantal infrastructures on ground, Delta state is more or less a virgin state that needs to be built up to meet up with the standard as part of the state that made up federal republic of Nigeria. The buliding of bridges, roads, water, light restoring employment back to the people and restoring peace and harmony, lives nd property and putting a stop to the lingering problem between the ethnic groups put in place by the federal government to suceed their selfish interest of depriving us from our blessed mineral resources. All this the federal government have been doing to distracting us from gaining proper concentration. But thank God for the life of Chief James Onanefe Ibori for putting Delta state together, resource control Ibori vanguard all this i think perpetuated the hatred and jealousy for subjecting him to unmedicated disaster, humilition of the high esteem. Thank God he is a eye opener, but i say to the government today without fear or favour that when a man walks into the river or water of river flows through a mans legs that it does not make any difference what matters is the mans legs is in the river, thank God for his legacy, i urge the attention of the federal goverment EFCC and the judciary system to treat Ibori’s issue with all esigency and think about the past situation he met the state before he took over as an elected govenor.

  31. It unfortuate Nigeria a country of over 120M in population we still can not stand up to say no to injustice and be allowed to be ruled by a click of mafia’s who call themselve whatever names they have given themselves as well, they think they want to bring justice to our suppose great nation…..but it unfortuate they are still the same people casuing the disaster in Nigeria……one day…the trap of judgement will catch them up, the end and demise of them all is near……In God own time they will all go down and dance to the tune of their own music…!

  32. The gods are not to blame.

  33. Ribadu was a good police officer ,but i have to make you nigerians to know one thing ,we are just been use the IG and the President Umaru Musa Yar’Aduaas a skelton in there comboard and with the help of ex gonovors they only want to fll this country,nigeria let all leave it to GOD to deal with them in is own ways

  34. IGP and yar’adua na only God go punish u na.

  35. Aminu Shu'aibu

    From we come and to Him we shall all return

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