Plot To Replace Iwu With Northerner Thickens

Indications have emerged that some powerful politicians have started lobbying President Umaru Yar’Adua to replace the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Maurice Iwu.

Sources told Saturday Tribune that the lobbyists have narrowed their choice of his replacement to a female judge (name withheld) from the North.

The name of the judge, said to be from the North-East zone, has also been mentioned to Yar’Adua. But Yar’Adua is reportedly not keen on acceding to the request for several reasons. The first is that he is not empowered by the constitution to remove the boss of the electoral commission. Only the National Assembly is empowered to.

Yar’Adua is only empowered to make recommendations to the National Assembly on the choice of the electoral commission’s boss.
Yar’Adua is also said to be concerned about the fact that even if there should be a lobby for the replacement of Iwu, it should not be at a time when elections had just been concluded and there are petitions and by-elections to be attended to by the electoral commission.

Sources equally said he was opposed to the idea because he believed that Iwu did his best in the prevailing situation that preceded the conduct of the 2007 general election. The President reportedly praised Iwu for being able to withstand the pressure to hold the elections despite all the odds.

Yar’Adua also reportedly told those toying with the idea of appointing a Northerner as the electoral commission’s boss that the commission had, though not enshrined in the constitution, been reserved for the minority.

Also, Iwu’s tenure will only expire by 2010, since he was appointed for a five-year period that started in 2005. Iwu confirmed this development on December 18, 2007 in Washington D.C., the capital of the United States of America, when he addressed Nigerians and the world press on the 2007 elections.

Prof. Mobolaji Aluko of the Howard University first raised the issue during a question and answer session that followed the briefing by Iwu. Aluko had jokingly said that since Iwu was not the first male, first professor or first Southerner to be INEC Chairman, it could be good if the country would try a female Northern judge to head the commission.

Iwu said that Aluko’s statement was part of an agenda of blackmail against him. He said he was aware that there was a particular woman that was being positioned to replace him. Though he did not elaborate on the issue, sources said that the female judge, of the Federal High Court, is from the North-East.

– Tribune


3 responses to “Plot To Replace Iwu With Northerner Thickens

  1. Iwu is an Ewu, a man without sense and a dubious character that has made Nigerians a scion of jest internationally. A man of his stature, a pretender whose Catholic faith possess no bearing on his social responsibility should be emasculated and trumped without even looking back. Why should anyone care for a liar, a traitor, and a man who committed treason against the citizens of Nigeria in diverse multidinous ways? Iwu is Ewu, senseless, and even his Isi Iwu would not make a good pot of “Isi Ewu” taste better no matter his so-called academic credentials- including his “Toronto” scientific 419 acclaimed inventions for curing Ebola and the likes. Let him come home to roast!

  2. Iwu is the worst thing that has happened to our dear country in recent times! It is difficult to imagine where they brought that egg-head from. A complete dumb!

  3. Dr. Chinwike Justice Oke-Nwosu

    A product is as good and efficient as the maker. A person is a product of his nature and the envirionment he lives in. A corrupt nation breeds corrupt establishments, corrupt institutions, corrupt churhes/mosques, corrupt priests/imams, corrupt teachers/students, corrupt leaders, corrupt men and women and even corrupt animals. Iwu is a product of his social environment and he was as good as the establishment that appointed him. Angels do not fly off from the devil’s enclave. Obasanjo presidency was ill conceived. He spent his time presiding over a corrupt and evil empire and left a legacy of it. For a man who was determined to protect his back, how on earth does one expect him to appoint an upright man to midwife his successor.

    By the way, Humphrey Nwosu that gave Nigerians the best election they ever had, what happened to him. Was he not brutalised and Nigerians did not say a word in his defence? Babangida annulled a credible election and promised Nigerians he would tell us the reason after a “ten years statutory period”. It is almost 15 years after that rape of democracy. No one is asking questions.

    Martin Luther said, that when God wants to punish a nation, He deprives them or honest and rightous men, courageous men, old men and other men… So it is with Nigeria. Nigeria is reaping its reward. Its graduates and intelligent men are leaving Nigerian shores daily. How does a nation haemorrhaging the best of its man power survive in the ever competative world?

    Power is now dominated by empty headed careerists who have no ideas of how nation can run and developed to cater for its citizenry. There is something so uncomfortable about Nigeria – its history and general outlook. It is not only unfortunate with its political class and leadership, it also unfortunate with its scholars, academia and intelligentia.

    Iwu, as despicable the elections he conducted for the nation were, there is no way is could insulate himself from the evil and ills eating and destroying the whole system. Nigeria and all the putative establishments are built and sustained on fraudulent practices. Obasanjo that appointed Iwu is corrupt and appointed him deliver corrupt product called election.

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