Ribadu: Scared Obasanjo Set To Lobby Yar’Adua Over Removal!

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is set to meet with President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua over the removal of Malam Nuhu Ribadu as the head of anti corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Since the removal of Ribadu was first announced by The Times of Nigeria two days ago, loyalists of former President Olusegun Obasanjo have been holding frantic meetings both in Lagos and Abuja on how to convince President Yar’Adua to reverse the decision.

The Times of Nigeria can reveal that the arrowhead of the move to reverse Ribadu’s removal are the former personal assistant to President Obasanjo, Dr. Andy Uba and business mogul, Aliko Dangote whose business empire benefited tremendously from Obasanjo 8 years administration in the form of preferential treatments in key areas of country industry.

Uba and Dangote have already convinced Obasanjo on the need to meet with Yar’Adua and a New Year ’s Day meeting has already been scheduled with President Yar’Adua at the Presidential Villa.

Obasanjo himself is said to be uneasy with the direction things are going in Presidency especially with the removal of Ribadu. There have been several petitions for the former President and some members of his families to be probed by EFCC. The source said that Obasanjo is concerned that those petitions maybe acted upon with the removal of Ribadu.

“This will probably lead to a probe of Obasanjo’s business empire including his handling of affairs of the Petroleum ministry and the NNPC during his administration. The Nigeria/Sao Tome Joint Development Zone (JDZ) is another area that Obasanjo is scared that any investigation into it may result is either jail term of total embarrassment that tarnish whatever is left of his legacy.”

Uba and Dangote have been accused of using Ribadu to protect their business interest and the Presidency was said to have been briefed on it in the past. Though Dangote contributed heavily to Yar’Adua’s presidential campaign, he has not been able to exert the same amount of influence he had during Obasanjo’s presidency. The source said Dangote has “retreated to the business world away from politics” after President Yar’Adua made some policy reversal that affected his business especially as relate to his cement and oil and gas business.

On the other hand, Uba is said to be angry with Yar’Adua for not doing enough to stop his removal from office as the governor of Anambra State.

“Has anyone bothered to ask why Uba is still walking as a free man after all the atrocities he committed? Who is protecting him?” The source queried.

Smarting from these grievances, both individuals according to Presidency sources resorted to “using their common friendship with Ribadu to blackmail Mr. President.”

The President eventually decided it was time to act. Last week, the Inspector General of Police ordered the withdrawal of Andy Uba’s security details.

The Presidency source who briefed The Times of Nigeria on the development said that President Yar’Adua is unlikely to accede to Obasanjo’s request as his mind was already made up on Ribadu’s removal.

“There cannot be a reversal of policy regarding the removal of Ribadu. Government does not operate like that.” The source said.

The source said rather than contemplating on a reversal, the Presidency is working to ensure on a swift transition to ensure that the agency remains relevant and is reinvigorated.

President Yar’Adua is expected to tell Obasanjo that the issue is a police issue since Ribadu was reassigned by the police. This, according to the source is the diplomatic way of rebuffing the former President’s demand.

“We have received a lot of petitions against the EFCC and some of the petitions are against high ranking personnel of EFCC – not necessarily Ribadu himself. We have to safeguard those documents and ensure that the documents are not destroyed or tampered with. We have received reports that there are attempts to destroy some documents and case files in the custody of EFCC.”

The Times of Nigeria has learnt that one of the petitions that are being investigated by the Presidency is that by convicted fraudster, Chief Emmanuel Nwude.

Nwude had petitioned the Presidency and the police claiming that his properties were “looted by EFCC.” The petition by Nwude listed in very clear details how some of his properties were sold to people connected to EFCC and how some of his properties in the agency’s custody “disappeared.”


13 responses to “Ribadu: Scared Obasanjo Set To Lobby Yar’Adua Over Removal!

  1. Who is afraid of who? Let us watch the space!!!

  2. obj all your scheeming will never work because your dynasty have beieng destroyed, Atiku would have being the best to protect your atrocities while in power, but you can never expect yaradua to swallow his vomit after sacking Ribadu. What you are doing is Medicine after death. The damage has been done the best thing for you is to keep quite and wait when you will return to life jail for crime against nigerians.

  3. Stupid sponsored report that dont add up.

  4. Talking about timing. I think that Ribadu’s removal has to do with the honest and impartial trial of OBJ and his cronies, rather than Ibori and other ex governors probe. Ribadu has been making noise all this while with nothing to show for it.We want looters to rot in jail. They’ve stollen money meant for development (Infrastructure, etc)

  5. Prof Adesuyi Ajayi

    I am concerned for our country.
    This is not the way to treat those who served and pioneerd difficult changes
    I dont know what dream President UMYA is dancing to. Ribadu himself can be president and he should consider running for it in 2011.
    President Yaradua is definitely more of a regional than a National leader.
    I supported him, but worried that he may soon be “owned” by some powerful sectional forces. We are seeing it unfold bow. What a pity !

  6. Victor Akhidenor

    For every move (whether good or bad), there is a reason. Let’s wait and see what happens next. Don’t be surprise it might be a calculated attempt to be able to bring Obasanjo to account for his looting. Including the recovered monies from Abacha’s loot. Give Yaragua a chance to work. We will all be glad we did at the end.

  7. May Fela ;s soul rest in peace. Who are you all fooling. Confusion, confessions & many confusions. Fela sang VIP. This confusion is what you see when Vagabonds In Powers (VIP) are in control of a country. Who are they deceiving. Obasanjo used Ribadu, Ribadus effort to get out of the shell is rebuffed, Can any new chairman touch the untochables Restore ribadu then and tell him to do the right thing. I cannot believe the story here. The Agf from day one has been preventing Ribadu from doing the right thing. Confusions galore. May God save Nigeria

  8. May God save Nigeria indeed. These are all vagabonds in power. Who are you all decieving, Is this the right time to remove Ribadu. He needs to probe obj , ette,Iyabo obj’s daughter, bode george and other vagabonds. Thjis is not thge time to let him go. After that he may pay his own price(if any).

  9. Let’s see the outcome.


  11. Whatever great reasons President Yar’Adua and his people have for ditching Nuhu Ribadu, someone should have informed them that in public affairs, timing is of the utmost import. No matter what ‘crimes’ the EFCC boss must have committed, the Presidency will have to make miracle to convince us the ordinary Nigerians that Ribadu’s removal is not directly linked to the adamant commitment of the man to the arraignment of James Ibori, in spite of the high powered shenenigans to allow the man off the hook. All these multi-speak will disappear once Ibori gets his bail in January and the prosecution will go dead cold. One just hopes that Yar’Adua does not believe that all Nigerians are fools.

  12. This is how the story goes; Ribadu is tyring to hang the people that help in looting our Economy and raping our nacent Democracy to make Yar’adua what he is today. So these poeple are telling Yar’adua that , he must Save them or Follow them to grave. That is why The Coward Yar’adua is ejecting Ribadu. How unfortunate

  13. Cawards,you are all against OBJ,who is asking IBB for the billions he looted?who has sent in one petition against IBB to the EFCC? Yes,I want OBJ probed but what should happen to IBB,please tell me?

    Well,with what I’m seeing,the country is dividing, which is a good news.
    Let OBJ support Niger Delta republic,Biafra and Oduduwa,let every part be on its own as a country so that the Aboki s and Mallams can live with their military power,not killing the poor people of NigerDelta for oil sake.It’s high time to achieve our freedom and we must….

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