The Sins Of Ribadu According To Aso Rock!

As more facts have emerged over why Aso Rock eased Mallam Nuhu Ribadu out of his former job at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), there are indications that sending him on a course at Kuru was actually a safe landing for him. This is even as the Villa was agog with the story on Friday that there were moves to doctor documents to cover contracts of over N50 million at the EFCC headquarters. The contracts were said to have been used to acquire arms for EFCC operatives, but was not presented for due process test. Contracts of over a million Naira must be presented to the Federal Executive council meeting, but instead, the contracts were farmed out in smaller amounts.

This may be final cause for Ribadu’s redeployment. Presidency sources said the course option was adopted within the past few days instead of some harsher ones that were being considered. The Police Force was not ready to receive him now as his unprecedented three promotions in three years which alienated him from much of the officer corps. Also, the President had actually made up his mind that he would not work with him, even before the May 29th inauguration.

Before Yar’Adua’s emergence as the ruling party’s official flag bearer, he had reportedly sought a meeting with the EFCC chairman but was rebuffed. Though all that changed after he won the party’s primaries and eventually the disputed election, Yar’Adua never forgave Ribadu for the slight. He was one of those penciled down for replacement when Yar’Adua was sworn-in as President but somehow survived the purge as former President Obasanjo came to his rescue.

The source said President Umaru Yar’Adua  had decided to change all the heads of the security outfits in the coming year, removing Ribadu from the EFCC was urgent to him as it was widely felt that Ribadu was too attached to the Obasanjo Administration and too politicized to fit into the Unity Government that was being planned. Sources said that the Unity Government idea came from the security services, especially the State Security Service (SSS), and in the memo to Yar’Adua proposing it, changing people’s perception of the SSS, EFCC and even the Independent National Electoral Commission as the President’s instruments of coercion as they were under Obasanjo was stressed. Yar’Adua bought the idea, and that explains why he started electoral reforms early in the day.

About Ribadu, the source said that Yar’Adua told him that he had to go, for he had over-politicized his office for Obasanjo’s sake, but that he would seek out a good posting for him. Yar’Adua actually made moves, as has been reported in the media to get Ribadu a United Nation’s job.  Apart from the listed issues, there is the case of Ribadu’s file. The source said: “what to do about Ribadu’s file became a dilemma for President Yar’Adua. Almost on weekly basis, petitions about him kept pouring in. The more the President looked into petitions, the more he became convinced that there was the need to ease him out and get another person to lead the anti-corruption fight”.

It was gathered that one of the petitions that sealed Ribadu’s fate was the well-publicized one that came from the former Plateau State Governor, Joshua Dariye. Even now, despite explanations from him and the British authorities, the Federal Government is still unconvinced and is proceeding with its investigations into the weighty allegations over the missing money and who benefited. Issues of landed properties, using names of under-aged children, friends, relations and companies, when his friend Mallam Nasir el’Rufai headed Abuja administration, were also included.

Other allegations boarder on under-selling of confiscated properties to relations and cronies of EFCC officials, seizure of properties for personal use, and outright blackmail and extortion by operatives, whose lifestyles is said to be too flamboyant for anti-corruption agency staff. In fact the President was said to have been shocked when he learnt that EFCC had raised a team of undercover agents to acquire information regarding ownership of landed property in Abuja ; and that the information so acquired was routinely being used to blackmail people.

One of the last things that forced the President’s hand against Ribadu was the report he got of EFCC’s attempt to set up the Attorney – General of the Federation and Justice Minister, Michael Aondoakaa. According to the plan, the AGF was to be roped into a drug scandal by the EFCC using ex-National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) staff now working for EFCC.

When this came the same week with another damaging report that Ribadu was plotting with Dr. Andy Uba, and others close to the last administration to divide the Presidency, prop up Vice President Goodluck Jonathan to replace his boss if the election petition tribunal eventually annuls the last presidential election, he decided he had had enough of Ribadu. This, said a close aide to Yar’Adua, made the President to issue a statement recently that he was not about to abandon his mandate. It was a reply to Uba (who was angry that Yar’Adua had ordered the re-opening of the double assassination of Igwe and his wife in Onitsha in 2002) and the group backing the Vice President.   

After this what remains was to work out the details; that was where Okiro was brought in. The Police I.G. refused to re-absorb Ribadu right away, arguing that any action he took would be misconstrued by Ribadu’s friends in the media. The government has since been worried that the EFCC boss was engineering the media, NGOs, and even some officials of certain political parties to be churning out anti-Yar’Adua press statements.

The source said that Ribadu, while still a Commissioner of Police, bought the Mambilla Street, Aso Drive, residence of Okiro, who was a Deputy Inspector General of Police, for N300 million. The Times of Nigeria was unable to independently verify this assertion.

Now, there are indications that the Presidency will pass on the petitions to Ribadu’s successor for thorough investigation. Aso Rock wants to know why Ribadu refused to act when the money laundering case, using the Presidential jet, was reported  against Uba. So too with the bribery allegation scandal against daughter of the former President, Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, reported to the EFCC in 2006. Other allegations and petitions are already being dusted up by Aondoakaa for legal actions, and the legal fire works will begin within the next few weeks.


11 responses to “The Sins Of Ribadu According To Aso Rock!

  1. Victor Akhidenor

    Whether we want to accept the fact or not, Ribadu did a good job while in office. Hopefully, his successor will follow suit and at least jail the offenders this time arround. The prophesy that Nigeria will change for good is beginning to manifest. God will help us to make us proud of our country again. Any change is welcome as long as is for the good of the people.

  2. It is arguable that the removal of Nuhu Ribadu from the chairmanship of EFCC might be unlawful. By the law establishing the office of the EFCC chairman, the IG cannot reassign Ribadu unless the president first removes him (Ribadu) from office.

    Hence the IG had to seek the president’s approval before ordering Ribadu to go to the institute. That means that the president in assenting to the IG’s request, had removed Ribadu first, making him therefore available to the IG for assignment to other tasks.
    The president has the authority to refuse the
    IG’s request or exclude any persons from that
    programme for now.

    There is no evidence that the very clear procedure and considerations written in the law for the removal of the EFCC chairman were observed.

    We must help Yaradua effect the rule of law, for he is human and can make mistakes. He is our servant leader.

    Mazi Chuba Obi
    http://www.ProgressNigeria .org

  3. Mazi Obi.
    You did not mention which part of the EFCC Act you referred to. some peole have been writing nonesense that Okiro removed Yar’Adua. The President did and Okiro asked him to go on course.

    Second, has it ever occured to the legal-minded ones among us that at the end of Ribadu’s first tenure, Obasanjo simply re-appointed him without going to the Senate for confirmation. When Obasanjo was to begin his second term, was he not sworn in? Did he say his swearing in in 1999 was okay for a second term? So, Ribadu was not sworn in for a second term, so the time he served during this second term was fruadulent, or to put it into popular parlance, pure 419.

  4. I just pity some of the so called NGOs. They were in Ribadu’s service and money was being pumped into their accounts to make commets supportive of Ribadu. Several journalists and even entire newspaper houses such as the Punch, Leadership and online publications were on his payrole.

    Suddenly, Ribadu became a god. And nobody could ask why Ribadu, who was an Obasanjo stooge sudeenly became “independent” of President yar’Adua. Why did he not becaome independent of Obasanjo? Why?

    What was in it for him? Why did he attend the last PDP convention? And in Yar’Adua’s time, he rememebered he had to be independent.

    Why, even in his new found independence, did he not see it fit to look into how Andy Uba transported $170,000 into the US using the Presidential plane? Why did he refuse to act on the Iyabo Obasanjo contract scam though the petition arrived EFCC since 2006. Was the Iyabo Obasanjo contract scandal petition part of the quarrel between him and Attorney-General Aondoakaa? Could it have been?

    Yet, the man was succesfully blacmailed that he was sheilding ex-governors; a classical case of pot calling kettle black.

    Mike (Not Okiro please!)

  5. ribadu has made his own inpact in our political history,but is a pity most of his action had to be teleguided by cheif o. man is perfect but to me he try his best,let wait and see where the history would put him.thanks

  6. Dr. Chinwike Justice Oke-Nwosu

    First, let me say that the presence of EFCC underscores the ineffectiveness of our police force in tackling crime and prosecuting criminals. The duty EFCC is charged with is the responsibility of the police. Setting the committee is in effect a vote of no confidence on the police force by the very government that it supposed to make police force a veritable instrument in enforcing law and order in Nigeria. It is rather regrettable and a shame!

    If there is a proof that Mr. Andy Ubah is in breach of the law by virtue of alleged $170,000, the law should take its course. I am rather puzzled that the government and Nigerian police whose duty it is to fight crime are still asleep while these shameful and despicable acts abound, especially when they are now in public dormain.

    What type of country is Nigeria? And of what use are the officers charged with the duty of governance? The debate of whether Ribadu stays or not is irrelevant so far the duty of enforcing the rule of law remains a matter of selective action. If Ribadu is found to have been a tool in the hands of Obasanjo while in power or out of it, he should be brought to book not send to Kuru for any studies.

    It rather smacks of irresponsibility on the part of the presidency and the police chief to be reassigning him when he has a case to answer. Andy Ubah by virtue of this £170,000 allegation should be put in the dock if there are evidence for such; and Ribadu should also be charged for deliction of duty. The same for Obansanjo, and his daughter Iyabo.

    The duty of every citizen of Nigeria, high, low, rich or poor, is to work assidously to ensure that evil men/women that have manipulated themselves into high and sensitive positions in Nigeria federal state and are holding the nation to ransom have their lives made unease and uncomfortable.

    Dr. C J Oke-Nwosu – a dual qualified (BDS, MBChB) head & neck surgeon – lives in Britain

  7. “Plea bargain” is corruption. All Ribadu did was witchchaunting. Why didn’t Ribadu probe Anenih? Obasanjo’s family (Family of crooks), Bode George, Adedibu, Alao Akala, and a host of others? What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  8. Do not make rumours read like news.

    Get the facts.

    Facts do not lie.

  9. A bunch of journalist writing a bunch of nonsense…..article filled with unsubstantiated allegations. Why didn’t the FG set up a commission of Enquiry to investigate the spurious allegations against Ribadu…. It is the antics of this government to mislead the public in order to have their way. It is most ridiculous to see a bunch of journalist publish spurious and biased articles without being objective. I won’t be suprised if this magazine does not last long in the public domain. It is a direct arm of the Presidency Press.

  10. Folks,

    Nigerians are divided up to the middle. Nuhu Ribadu is not indispensable. Whatever successes he achieved was completely wiped-out by the role he played in the last election. Ribadu became the tool of political extortion and intimidation. His so called war on corruption has been his own war of personal vendetta, fuelling rumours and pushing falsehood to public domain. FBI is not personalized. Most people don’t even know who the director is. But he hijacked what would have become a noble idea and turned it into his own weapon, protecting the highly corrupt and making all the noise in the world on those who were out of favour with his sponsors. the Federal govt. got about 70% of the federation account and yet, only 23% of 2004 budget was implemented and less in subsequent years. What happened to all the billions, we may never find out.

    Enough of this Nuhu nonesence!

  11. Please we should not waste our valuable time discussing a man who threw principle to the winds and allowed himself to be used like a robbot in the hands of Obasanjo. Ribadu and his likes should go to blazes and burn to ashes.
    How much is his total salary from his first day in police force till date? Definitely less than N250m yet he fights corruption from a N250m residence.Who is deceiving who?
    Naija is a place where a rich thief is sent on course and a petty poor theif is sent to jail.

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