Why I support Governor Amaechi – Prince Tonye Princewill

Prince Tonye Princewill, the gubernatorial candidate of the Action Congress (AC) in last Aprils elections in Rivers State is in the middle of a political storm that has pitched him and the state’s chapter of the his party against the National chapter of the party. At issue is his decision to support the newly crowned governor of the state, Rotimi Amaechi who belongs to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). That decision has riled the leadership of AC at the national level. But Princewill insist that his decision is hinged on the need to stop the former state governor, Peter Odili, who has been accused of looting the state from wresting back power through the back door and plunging the state back to the days of darkness and political turbulence.

Princewill spoke with reporters on the reasons behind his decision to support Amaechi. Excerpts below:

What is your relationship with the new Governor Rotimi Amaechi?

It is very cordial. Seeing us now many do not believe that we have been friends for only two short months. But that is the honest truth and I think his experience from his friends of several years has demonstrated that what matters is not the quantity of years behind a friendship but the quality of content within it. I am a good friend to have and so it appears is he. I think that friendship will be tested in the weeks and months ahead especially in the local government elections which will hold in a few months, but I believe we will find a way through it. The state comes first. He knows this I know this. Party affiliations are important but the Governor must remember there is life after PDP. He should know better than anybody, they expelled him while everybody in PDP kept quiet. Now he has friends outside PDP while I have friends inside PDP. Rivers State is one big happy family today. We still have more work to do to change the old order, but this is a good start.

You’ve seen the conduct of PDP in the local government elections round the country recently. What makes you think Rivers State will be different?

I am an optimist with an umbrella. I don’t believe in failure nor can I be defeated unless I choose to be. My refusal to join PDP is borne out of the fact that I have a problem with their style and I refuse to be subjected to it. My first constituency is the people. The Governor has said a lot of good things so far and done some good deeds in the process. The highest on my list of achievements beyond declaring that this administration would not be business as usual is his appointment of Prof. Briggs as SIEC Chairman. That is a popular decision and one he did not have to make. If your intention is to rig as usual you have just made your life more difficult and my life a lot easier. Like I said I am an optimist who says it will not rain but I have my umbrella in case it does. An LGA election that does not produce AC counsellors and Chairmen in Rivers State cannot be free and fair. We are already popular but we will work even harder. And we will get results. Everybody knows that. Why else do you think they kidnapped Prof Briggs?

How true are the claims that your party has suspended you?

Hot air. No substance and against what reasonable allegation? You see it is reasons like this that makes politics unattractive to the civilised elite. A young man like me takes on a whole system with little or no support and with a great risk to my life and property. In the process I have to handle all the facets of a political party / movement, run a campaign in the streets, creeks and pages of newspapers and try to keep the same structures which afforded me the opportunity to protest afloat. I do all this successfully and somebody wakes up to say I am suspended over a month after the same party he claims to lead in the state has suspended him? Unfortunately for him and his new friends, Rivers State has had enough crap for eight years to last a lifetime. We won’t take any more. Come and suspend. I hear the same suspended Chairmen went to the tribunal to try and re-file the case. He is not a lawyer but any one can advise him that only the original petitioners can re-file the case. The original petitioners were the party Secretary and myself. It isn’t a surprise the former Chairman wasn’t a signatory to the original petition; he was nowhere to be found when we filed, played no role and asked no questions.

I withdrew my petition on principle. I know it’s hard for some people to understand that I didn’t do this for money. I withdrew my petition after consulting widely at state but also at the national level. Forget what you read in the paper about this being a unilateral decision. One day I will speak on the subject when the time is right. Accusing me of doing it for money and abusing my integrity is all well and good because when you roll with pigs you are bound to get dirty. But you are either a pig or you are not and in the tested theory of time the truth about who is and who is not will be revealed. For now I pay them no attention. My objective was to rid Rivers State of the Odili factor and show people what it would be like to run a model State. I have achieved the first and am now focused on the second. Since I am not in the driving seat I am under less pressure. That makes me more ready. They should beware. I have very little time for people who cannot think beyond the obvious. Continue to underestimate me.

Why did you not stick to your original principles and see the matter in the Tribunal to the end?

Circumstances are different and the case of Rivers State remains peculiar. Only ignorant and myopic leaders say never without reservation. I enjoy fighting for a cause and if you are going to war for good reasons I am the kind of man to carry along. Fortunately or unfortunately in Rivers State fighting Amaechi after the Supreme Court judgment no longer had the same purpose to it. He had been expelled by PDP, rejected by Odili and vilified by Omehia. That made him a perfect candidate for my support. Especially when these same people approached me to continue my case in the tribunal not only for a fee but also with the help of incriminating information to assist me prove there was no election in Rivers State . Enemies suddenly became friends with a view to unseating Amaechi. When people talk of political prostitution in respect of my withdrawing my case I laugh at their ignorance because Amaechi met no money in the treasury, had no money of his own. The real political prostitution would have been to keep the case in the tribunal and do a deal with the devil. I spent a few days after the judgment with him, watching him closely to see if the demons of yesteryears still existed and then followed my conscience. Although I am now more financially challenged than I ever was, those that matter and know respect me now more than ever before. I didn’t come to politics to achieve, I came to take a stand and make my point. So far so good.

Is it true you collected N500 million from Governor Amaechi?

I didn’t even collect N500 from him. When I was going to London to see my wife and kids and consult them on the initial developments he offered to assist me and I said no thank you I was fine even though I could have done with some assistance. To understand this I have to give you some background. I am the son of the reigning monarch of the Kalabari Kingdom , the only child of a former University Professor who prides himself in cutting his coat to his size. I am an Imperial College graduate and the owner of businesses at the age of 38 a man twice my age would be proud of. I rejected financial inducements in excess of that amount from the previous administration before they were kicked out and after they were kicked out and I can name names and witnesses to all this and more. What is my point? Don’t think all politicians are alike and shamelessly so. Many with cases still in the tribunal did differently yet collected money. On the surface it appeared they had sustained the struggle while in truth those that know are aware they had already compromised their souls. God remains in control. Now it has been revealed why they wanted to discredit me with this wicked rumour. It was in preparation for a call for my suspension. People that matter can see beyond this Rivers PDP approach to politics. It is the same players and the same script. Analog politicians can’t change. Look what happened to Amaechi in PDP and let us see if AC will follow their lead. Kpagane a suspended Chairman says I acted alone yet he called for the suspension of the entire leadership of the party in the state. Is somebody making sense of this? Can anybody read between the lines?

Atiku and Tinubu said you did not consult them. Is it true?

I have too much respect for my elders to even contemplate contradicting them. I do not recall Tinubu saying anything on the matter but I do recall the former VP however speaking for himself and on behalf of the leadership of the party. I have noted what he said. The processes and paths traversed in my journey to this position will be the subject of my memoirs. Let us leave it till then shall we. We mustn’t forget however that I am a political novice or do we say neophyte in this game so this will be seen as a learning process. Those that know me will tell you I learn fast so please let us see how well I recover. I know what happened, they know what happened and two other credible and living witnesses exist to corroborate what happened. I benefit nothing from lying. All I will say for now was even though my consultations were inadequate they were well meant and for those offended by its lack of depth, do put it down to inexperience and resource limitations. That aside, I have no regrets. I did what was right for my state, not for me.

What next for Tonye Princewill?

Unless otherwise directed, I am returning to my roots. As a businessman that ventured into politics, I want to play my role in bringing both parties together at an even more micro economic level. Over the next years and months I will supervise the influx of foreign capital into Rivers State . My passion for youth employment drives it. I have always believed that the private sector is the key to the economy of a state and the government needs to restrict itself to providing the framework for business to thrive in harmony with the people as opposed to at the their expense. Silverbird Showtime is the first of many such investments and with a 20 billion Naira investment they are set to make Port Harcourt fun again. A 10 screen Cinema, Shopping Mall, Five star hotel, and International conference centre with the mother of all Theme Parks on the other side of the road linked by a rail cart for kids. I cannot begin to tell you how significant this is especially when you see that from December 2008 we will start to experience the opening of these facilities. Silverbird have chosen to lead the pack, they opted to begin with the end in mind. They will laugh the loudest. Other smart ones will also follow. That is what we call first mover advantage.

 Where do you see Rivers State in the next four years?

It should be unrecognizable. If I can convince Governor Amaechi to agree to some radical proposals on graduate and youth employment, we can start the process of not only transforming Rivers State in terms of massive inward investment but developing the workforce in parallel to sustain it. Some people’s emphasis is on improved quality of graduates and I could not agree with them more but what do we do with the current crop of graduates? We can’t throw them away. Otherwise we will further fuel a dissatisfied and disenchanted core of educated outcasts. This is not healthy. Government should take responsibility for the lapses in our education and employment policies. I want to see human capital development. That is the only development that is truly sustainable.

 What of the issue of militants?

Same difference. Successive governments created it. They forgot to be popular and instead focused on intimidation. It is easy to condemn militancy or even accord it too much credit. People say the situation in Rivers State is bad but they disregard the fact that it has always been so. Why wait until a white man is kidnapped before you realise the depths we had sunk to. How come it is okay for Marshall Harry to be killed, A.K Dikibo to be killed and a host of others too numerous to mention and you never saw the militancy thing as an issue then? Why wait until it affects oil production or the outsiders? For what it is worth the militancy thing as you call it has exposed the need for us to have an ever-increasing indigenous workforce, a more accountable industry and more transparent leadership. I see the signs of a beginning in this regard all around us. But we have to move faster. If government is sincere, we the people can deliver peace in record time. Only the people can take the criminality out of militancy, not a government raid or a law court. They can come in afterwards.

 What message do you have for Rivers State and Nigerians?

In the past eight years Rivers State has been a theatre of disaster. Division and petty mindedness filled the air. By my actions I have been able to demonstrate the thinking of a new generation of Rivers people. That riverine or upland, Ikwerre or Kalabari we can all work towards one single objective and support each other in the realisation of the goal. Rivers State now is more united than it has been for years and the new spirit of optimism is directly linked to the new spirit of leadership. If there is anything we must take from this it is that one person can make a difference no matter how small. Ask yourself what can I do to help Rivers State move forward? Then do it. For those of you who are not from here bear with us. Rivers State needs some internal healing. As you are aware aside from being the treasure base of the nation we are also the place people come to when it is time to wind down. As one man said when asked what part of Port Harcourt he wanted to hang out in, “Na all water dey quench fire!” Our increased love for ourselves is by no means less love for you. It is just that with our recent past to contend with our return to the top of the hospitality list is now only a matter of time. Help us to help you. If Rivers State sneezes, Nigeria catches cold.


18 responses to “Why I support Governor Amaechi – Prince Tonye Princewill

  1. I want to congratulate Tonye for his steadfastness and his strong belief in the future of Rivers State. Many young people would have compromised. After reading his interview, I am proud of his roots especially that humble begining at Federal Government College Port Harcourt which some of us pioneered. What some of us imbibed at the school especially mixing with Nigerians from different states was to give us the opportunity to develop our understanding of the wider Nigeria. I have always considered Rivers State a mini Nigeria. Rivers State is bigger than any one individual. Politicians have spoilt the state with their selfishness and desire to be all and all as well as wanting to be mega rich from public funds. There were no massive killings and kidnappings during the regimes prior to 1999. Even with the military that was seen as an abberation in governance, there was life in Port Harcourt. All I can tell you is keep believing in your self. If you do not change your direction you will get to where youare going. Keep the flag flying. Pro Unitate

  2. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    The problem with people like Price Prince Princewill is that they have the gift of the gab and are quite capable of selling a ‘microwave as a flat screen TV’. He uses a lot of sophistry in his speeches and interviews that people are left hoodwinked. He also uses all the right phrases but lacks the substance.

    He stated above that his aim was to prevent a return to the old order in Rivers State, of which, anecdotally, he could have done better by taking the mantle of leadership himself; rather he chose to leave it to an unelected Governor with whom he became bosom friends with in a twinkle of an eye during the short flight from Abuja to Port Harcourt.

    With reference to compromising one’s soul. In my opinion, this Prince stands out as an eloquent example of someone who has done just that. Let it be on his conscience that he’s part of a clique that has denied the people of Rivers State, albeit by omission, their democratic rights.

    What really beats my imagination about this so-called Prince is that he fails to grasp (with all his education and aristocratic connections) the fact that the good people of Rivers State were never given the chance to say if they wanted Amaechi or not, though I am aware that PDP unjustly denied him his party mandate to stand in the election. Nonetheless, many people consider this particularly, an internal party problem, which has nothing to do with the long-suffering Rivers people.

    Inasmuch as I share the Prince’s views that Odili’s government was not good, ultimately it is my individual opinion. Need I remind Prince Princewill of the good old saying about one man’s meat being another’s poison, in order to buttress my point? If he’s a true democrat, then he should realise and ensure that it is the People who should choose their Governor and Government.

    Whatever deal he made with Amaechi is only known to both of them.

    It’s time for this unelectable Prince to stop his highfalutin and his wanton use of hyperbole. He should get out of the kitchen if he can’t take the heat.

  3. Leave our Prince alone. My excellency I know was shocked by the Supreme Court judgement as many of us including himself were getting set for another election. It was a mark of the man to adjust to the reality, which he had no control of and position himself, his supporters and his state for the future. He did this remarkably well and no criticism of his actions can be justified.

    People who sit in the comfort of their homes more especially outside the theater of action(especially abroad) should realise that he is a single individual who did more than any other in fighting the previous administration. Expecting him to continue and fight the Supreme Court decision the highest law in the land is not only stupid it is ludicrous. Is he the only person in Rivers State. He fought PDP, he fought Odili, he fought Omehia, the only candidate to traverse the 23 local governments of the state, he took the state SIEC to court and won HABA! All on the back of the small business he had with a young family in tow.

    Those that ask him to continue, should give the young man credit please. Feel free to take off from where he left off. He is the one in the kitchen. Go and join him. Are you not a man?

  4. I do hope some of us are not writing for the sake of just writing. I am baffled by Emeka Aneke’s comment on Tonye. I do not think he ever lived in Port Harcourt before coming to UK. If he did, he would understood where Tonye is coming from. It is one thing to stay in the UK and expect people like Tonye to fight for democracy. Contribution to democracy does not mean you must be the leader. Please let us be realistic rather than being idealistic in our opinions. Nigerians are very good at saying what people have dne wrong without offering alternatives. Where is Marshal Harry, AK Dikibo or Hon Ngbor? Deal or no deal, the future of Rivers State is bigger than any personal ego. I salute this young man.

  5. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    Anyas and Ifeoma seem to have missed the point entirely. Where do the people of Rivers State fit into this equation considering, they have not been given their democratic right? In other words, I am asking, “Who elected Rotimi Amaechi?”

    If Mr/Prince Princewill knew he hadn’t the stomach or that he had a young family to care for, then he should have let those who were more prepared and courageous to fly the flag rather than running scared mid-stream and going AWOL. He should also have thought about the fate of Marshall, Dikibo etc before venturing into politics, as it is not for the faint-hearted

    The comments by Ifeoma and Anyans are quite symptomatic of the problem with Nigeria as a whole – people lack the guts to fight for justice and bring about effective and positive changes.

    That Princewill fought PDP, Odili etc is news to me but…when and how? Correct me if am wrong but wasn’t that what everyone in opposition was doing, after all? Moreover, I thought that people fight for good causes and not just individuals. Anyway, the fact is that none of you is Princewill’s spokesperson so don’t bother responding.

    Poor Prince! He did well to adopt the good-old axiom – if you can’t beat them, join them. And joining them, he did exactly and without hesitation.

    For those who seem unaware, the Supreme Court can actually reverse itself when it gets things wrong and I believe that the case of Rotimi Amaechi is a classic case for self-reversal.

    At the risk of getting personal; in response to Ifeoma’s statement about people overseas, I would borrow Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s response to Sonny Okosun 20 yrs ago, “Go fight the Govt first”.

    At the moment, I am neither focusing on the programme nor personality of Rotimi Amaechi: all I ask for is that whoever governs any State in Nigeria should have the proper mandate of the people. Has Amaechi got this???

  6. Dear Emeka Aneke

    I like the way u write. Sometimes I look for ur comments 1st before reading the news. Though, I have not met you, I know you a man who believes in the truth. Ur comments are very poignant and direct. Pls ride on. nigeria need people like u who are not afraid to speak their mind in a constructive manner.

    I agree that new elections should be held in my parts of Nigeria but especially in Rivers State where they have something akin to a Military Administrator.

  7. Oh dear Emeka, where do we stat about this your opinion? Tell me which one of the currently so called elected people have the people’s manadate? Even our current President does not. So where do we start and where do we go? Can’t you see what we are talking about? Let us wait for the Supreme Court to reverse it self and ask the Rivers people to choose. There are many ramifications to peace. Consideration for the people you want to govern is one of them. You seem to think that it is normal for politicians to meet similar fate to Marshall or AKD. I believe you need to really give room for other ways of doing things if there should be progress. There is no one way that is absolutely right way.

  8. The world is full of talkers. People quick to criticise from an armchair without substance. You my friend seem to belong to this group. I challenge you to name one person in Rivers State that did more than this young man to address the needs of the people day in day out and speak out against the injustices they were and still are facing. Are you aware he is giving scholarships to 150 undergraduate and post graduate students every year? Do you know that he has just organised a demonstration of over 500 unemployed graduates to Government house and secured publicity for them so much so that the government has asked for a register of all unemployed youths in each LGA and several banks and other organisations are reaching out to this Graduate Bureau body that he sponsored to begin employing qualified Rivers people? Are you aware that he has single handedly stepped into several youth crisis and bankrolled the ceasefire that almost consumed the Kalabari Kingdom? Do you know what the last administration did on the subject of peace and security and his role in countering it? Are you aware that he was and still is the opposition in Rivers State. I presume your answer to all these questions is a big NO!

    For those of us that know, allow us to educate you. Prince Tonye Princewill who I have never met before is an example of what politicians should be. I will even go as far as to call him our very own Barrack Obama. I am not sure why you choose to pick on him or disparrage his efforts. You call him Mr then Prince you call him unelectable but ask him to take leadership, you agree with him that Odili was not good then you wonder why he focused on personalities in his camapaign. Take a minute and read what you write. It’s not very coherent.

    Princewill must have ventured into politics in spite of the risks. That is how come he is still in it. His words have not softened and you can see that he is still playing the game. Just go to his website http://www.newriverstate.com and see. The faint hearted and the weak are people like you and maybe even me that know things are bad and spend our time writing about it or criticising those that do. Thanks to this young man I will do something different to clearly separate me from people like you.

    Your last comments have exposed your level of ignorance. You are not even aware of the message he carried and the lengths he carried it to. Ordinarily I would not defend a politician because God knows I have better things to do but this young man stands out as different and I will not sit quietly and watch someone like you try and defame his character.

    When you finish naming the opposition person that came out and did the obvious, ask yourself what you did during that period and what you are doing now since you are so upset at the outcome. Spectators are either cowards or unprofessionals but those who watch others make such sacrifices then lazily criticise their efforts, deserve a worse label.

    You say he has joined them. Joined who Odili or Amaechi? Odili and Amaechi are not the same in his eyes and clearly a large percentage of Rivers State agree with him. He opted not to take any appointment which many before him have done. For now he has been vindicated. If tomorrow Amaechi goes down a different road then we can talk. As for alternative elections, we would all welcome it. Princewill remains the biggest threat to Amaechi if another election should hold. He is still the AC candidate and unless Amaechi wants to loose that election he will reach out to Tonye’s base which are the riverine people and the poor dotted along the waterfronts in Port Harcourt. That dynamic alone has spoken volumes for our Prince. He has influence and is a major factor in Rivers State politics and there is nothing we can say that will change that. That my dear Oyibo friend, for a first time entrant, is a miracle.

    If you don’t appreciate it from there come closer to home. Otherwise keep quiet or as they say in the UK, “Shut your trap”!

  9. I am watching.

  10. Very interesting comments. Thank you Ifeoma for your robust defense of this young man. Take it easy on Emeka please. He obviously has something against the young Prince. Not all of us can like him or what he stands for. I for one wish I had the courage to do what he did. Like me he was in the diaspora and chose to return and fight for what he believed in.

    I understand he had a good job and a young family but opted to walk this road after what he saw had become of Port Harcourt when he returned to bury his mother in 2000. It is very admirable and I know God has something planned for this young man.

  11. Emeka Aneke (Wiltshire)

    To clarify my point once more, I strongly demand that Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi should govern the people of Rivers State with their mandate. Even a disputed one that is before an Election Tribunal as in other parts of the country is more tolerable. It is the inalienable right of Rivers People under any form of democracy.

    I am neither opposed to nor in support of Amaechi’s candidature. Likewise, I am not questioning his credentials as a would-be good Governor. Furthermore, I am not making any allusions about his past records in public service. In fact, Amaechi might even win with a landslide, for all I care.

    The fact is, inasmuch as anybody could conjecture that Amaechi would have won the gubernatorial election, HE DID NOT, as he regrettably, could not contest. So, this will remain what it is: a hypothesis that should not be used to determine who presides over the affairs of Rivers State.

    The Supreme Court should not use Rivers State as part of a compensation package to right the wrongs, done to Amaechi within an internal party structure.

    Anyone should feel free to challenge the above but please do so with some facts and figure. Whilst doing so, it would be helpful if you can also tell me where you, as well as, Amaechi himself cast your vote and for whom? How many votes did Amaechi get exactly? Etc

    NB. I really do not give a toss about a lily-livered boastful Prince who has achieved his set goal by carving out a niche for himself in a Government-run Agency. I would like to ask this dearly beloved Prince, to please look towards the East and see what’s happening in Nepal.

    I will no longer dignify Ifeoma’s comments (whom I think is one and the same as Soso) with a response, as I have no clue what point SHE’S trying to make. Not only that she lacks objectivity but she’s totally blinded by her love for Princewill. I think there are more important issues to address than engaging ‘a loose cannon’ in a tirade of argument.

    Finally, why should the people of Rivers State bear the brunt of an internal party wrangling by having Amaechi foisted upon them?


  12. Who’s full of wind now? No substance to your comments and no response to my questions. I despise small minds like you. Engage for crying out loud. Let your arguments shine through.

    Amaechi was not elected yes but frankly speaking no political leader in Nigeria as far as the eye can see was, so what’s your point? How come you are uninterested there but interested here. So much so that you choose to insult someone who is clearly more of a man than you can ever be. I admire Princewill yes and I do so with reason. I have attempted to educate your small mind on the why. You hate him yes but you do so without reason. It is his fault that Amaechi was foisted on Rivers State? As for your claim on his role in government, it reveals clearly your dislike for this young man. He has no role and is on the outside. Check your facts.

    Maybe Master Emeka you haven’t heard that the 2007 elections were the worst since elections began and that Nigeria fell far below her previous low standards. Rivers State and Anambra state were singled out for particular reference. By that token it appears that Omehia who you were probably satisfied with was the mother of illegitimate Governors out there. Justice has been done to Omehia. For now a Governor that has been “foisted” on us by the Supreme Court is a hell of a lot more acceptable than one that has been foisted on us by PDP, Iwu and Odili. We wait to see if God decides to stop there. Do not forget that Amaechi still has tribunal cases to deal with. After all the so called “mandate” of Omehia was handed over to him defend.

    In the meantime leave our Prince alone while again asking yourself what you have done. Otherwise I will make it a point of duty to continue to remind you how little a man and a mind you really are. No shame engaging a man who sacrificed everything. How dare you? You are a disgrace.

  13. Dear Emeka, I believe you have made your point. However, democracy is about the rule of law. Even here in the UK that we live not all judgements given are in the best interest of the general population. There have been a lot of disaffection with some judgements. Just to remind you, the Supreme Court is yet to give the reason for their judgement. It is only when they do so that we can say what next. If you are a democrat as you will wish us to believe, then lets wait for the Supreme Court.

  14. I have really enjoyed this argument especially, the way Aneke has put his points across in a clear and concise manner. I am sure he’s altruistic in his outlook but Nigeria is not yet that way…hopefully one day. Aneke should also acknowledge that we have moved a long way in terms of the justice system. It can’t be all that bad.
    As for Ifeoma, she should please tone down your anger as that’s not the way to win arguments. She has no constructive argument except comparing Aneke to Princewill and calling Aneke names. If I recall correctly, Aneke never said he was any better than Princewill nor achieved more. Actually, he did not focus the subject matter on himself. But that is typical nigeria for you: where people will jump down your throat and tell you that you are no better that the person you are criticizing. I think Ifeoma was ranting like a mad person or playing to the galary, like she wants to be seen to be defending her Prince.

    Aneke took the right decision by not writing her. I would have done the same.

  15. Iyabo dear. Don’t give him the credit. He kept quiet because he couldn’t answer my questions. For very long I have been searching for people who criticise other people’s sacrifices when they are not able to make their own and Aneke landed in my space at just the right time. He is a coward to me. Any true lover of Rivers state is passionate and bold about it. He does not qualify. Too many Nigerians act like him.

    You surprise me because you sound sensible. Analyse again carefully, his comments. They had no coherence to them and it was clear to me that he had something against the Prince. This further fuels my disregard for him. You can patronise him for being idealistic or even attribute some of his comments to naiveity, but do us a favour and play your role in ensuring that people back statements with facts. Instead of peddling blatant lies. Even if the Prince tows a line different from what he would prefer, why spoil his name. Is that OK?

    I have not met the Prince but many people I love and respect have and following his acheivements over the past two years I admit that I admire the man. My protection of him is therefore personal but tomorrow it could be you or someone you feel strongly about. Demand more of people. Yes he didn’t compare himself to the Prince because he couldn’t but he was both insulting and misleading. Acknowledge that at least.

    We in Port Harcourt have heard the Prince speak and handle radio phone in programmes so many of us feel we know him well. It is so unfair that Aneke (despite the sacrifices this young man has made) chooses to lie and peddle wicked stories in his direction. He will not get away with it. I have made it a point to note his comments and publicise them for the record. He is truly very irresponsible. It is very annoying. There are more people like me and they are also watching. You think I am mad?

  16. I stumbled across this webpage just b’cos I was bored but found it somewhat interesting. I am not from Port Harcourt and do not have any special interest there only that it is a part of Nigeria.

    I must confess that I am finding it hard rationalizing Ifeoma’s anger and pointless statements apart from it being personal. She even confessed that much herself. On the other hand, Emeka Anake’s position is simply and easy to see though I can also see that he is frustrated by Prince action, having placed some hope on him. (Pls admit so Mr Anake)

    I honestly think Ifeoma is not doing justice to the Princewill’s case as I have lost all sympathy for him on the account of Miss Ifeoma. She really needs to see a psychiatrist for some dose of temazepam. She really comes across as a mental case and might be suffering from schizophrenia. (I don’t mean any insults) One of the symptoms is that sufferers leave the centre point of any issue and direct unnecessary anger at one subject, whether imaginary or real.

    As another contributor wrote, Emeka Anake has done the right by ignoring ifuoma… whatever she makes of it. Anyans is not in favour of Emeka Anake but he presents his point calmly and rationally.

    I will do some research of my own about Prince Princewill to see why his action has provoked so much emotions both during and after the Elections. For now, I’d say that this argument ought to be more about Governor Rotimi than the young Prince.

  17. Good day all,

    I think it is only wise that we reflect on what everybody has said. I appreciate your very frank comments either in favour of me or in opposition to me or what I have done. Let’s leave it at opinions. I for one will learn from them.

    My e-mail address is tonyeprincewill@yahoo.co.uk. Whenever you have a minute and feel like influencing or even commenting on my actions, please send me an e-mail. I turned 39 today. I am still learning. Life has not even yet begun.


  18. Without mincing words and not minding whose ox is gored, the fact remains that Prince Tonye Princewill of Rivers State by his vision and thoughts is ahead of his time. Today out of nothing he has single handedly made Action Congress (AC) in Rivers State a household name and the most sought-after political party in Rivers State.
    I wish to encourage him now that he as clocked 39 to continue with his vision praying God to assist him actualizes his dreams for his people.
    For the comments by Jubril on Ifeoma, I think he was being unfair to her as most of her comments were informed by some facts she knows which most of us don’t have.
    Austin Yola

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