Ribadu Has Access To The President – Adeniyi

The presidency said today that EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu, has not been denied access to President
Umaru Yar’Adua.

The clarification followed reports that the anti-graft icon had been barred fromthe presidential villa in the aftermath of his nomination for a yearlong course.

His nomination for the course by the Nigeria Police Force sparked off a controversy, as many people questioned its rationale.

The Special Adviser to the President on Communications, Mr Olusegun Adeniyi, toldthe News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) today that there was no truth in the reports.

“Ribadu has not been denied access to the villa, he said, adding: “Why should anybody do that?”

Adeniyi expressed surprise at such stories and where they emanated from.

“He is EFCC chairman, nothing has changed and I wonder where all these stories emanate from.

“It is also not true he has to go through the Inspector-General of Police to see the president in the course of his work.

“The normal channel to see the president in the villa is the Chief of Staff,” thepresidential spokesman said.

Ribadu was in the villa earlier in the day to see the president.



3 responses to “Ribadu Has Access To The President – Adeniyi

  1. Ihave strong conviction the the Present is being
    manipulated and knows very little os what is going on in Nigeria. Being elected on confussion
    and complex circumstance, the President is not
    properly briefed on the issues of the Nation and
    if care is not taken, he might loose complete control of the Nation. The removal of Ribadu,
    the complication of Iyabogate and Chief Obasango’s implicated shaddy business deal;ings
    would deyermine the longivity of the present
    R\President. Nigerians are watching and the world is watching also. The President must also
    look before he leaps further. Ribadu mandate
    and safety is also paramount to many people.
    Political corruption must end or get worse.

  2. Babalola Samuel

    Sometimes I wonder if President Yar’dua deserves to be at the helm of affairs because of the way he is being manipulated according to reports. The fact is this, I admire President Yar’dua having had of his achievements as the Governor of Katsina State BUT as the President of Nigeria, he seem to lack Boldness. every leader is expected to be bold and couragious. he should not be intimidated at all by anyone. If Ibori has spent N9 b., did he (Yar’dua) ask him to? The president should know that all Nigerians are looking up to him as regards this country and that all he is doing and will do will be in record even after him.
    The Attorney General (AG) and the IGP should be aware they have children and their generation after them.

    This is my humble suggestion to the AG: ‘Please Resign.

  3. my leaders, i want you people you forget about Nuhu Ribadu let face what Nigerian want. We need progresive in Nigeria. like mr president said, in his 7 point agender. in my last comment i want mr president to reliase Nuhu Ribadu and concentrate in his work.

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