Reps Set To Probe Ribadu!

The National Assembly is set to launch an investigation into the conduct of out-going chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Members of the lower House have started compiling allegations and petitions against Mallam Nuhu Ribadu whose redeployment on training has stirred up controversy.

National Assembly sources who spoke with The Times of Nigeria said that the same group that influenced the removal of former Speaker of the House, Olubunmi Etteh has concluded plans to initiate a probe into the controversial Third Term financing.

The source said that there are very credible evidence before us that Ribadu played a very prominent role if the distribution of bribes to members of the House of Representatives and Senators in a failed attempt to influence the outcome of the vote.

“That massive fraud must be investigated and, we are ready to jumpstart the process.”A member of the Integrity Group told The Times of Nigeria.

Spearheading the effort to probe Ribadu are prominent members of the Integrity Group of Niger Delta states.

Some governors of Niger Delta state are said to have conferred with members of the National Assembly from their states and instructed them to initiate the probe claiming that Ribadu’s anti corruption fight has unfairly targeted the region more than any other region in the country.

Apart from the issue of Ribadu’s role in the ill-fated attempt to secure a third term for former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the group also intend to challenge the legality of the rapid promotion the EFCC chairman received from the past administration. Also on their list of grievances is what they called “financial impropriety” by Ribadu.

“Where did a serving policeman get the money to buy his Abuja residence that belonged to the former deputy Inspector General of Police?” The source queried.

The group is said to have been irked by what it called the “Holier than thou” attitude of the EFCC chairman.

“We know his associates and when the probe start Nigerians will be surprised by who the information that will come to the fore. We will disclose for the world to see the role that Ribadu himself played during the elections. Corruption is not only about taking money, you can corrupt your position by abuse your office.”


5 responses to “Reps Set To Probe Ribadu!

  1. NONSENSE !!!!!

  2. May God strengthen you with the will and courage to probe Ribadu and his associates. God bless Integrity Group.

  3. This is a welcome development!

    I was taken aback this last weekend when I met with some members of the house of Reps at the London metrople and to find out how youthful and how hungry to perform they appear to be.

    All of them who spoke at the venue demonstrated a resolute to chart a new course for our dear country. From the honourable speaker to Farouk Lawan (with whom I chatted almost all night) to Tunde Akogun to Abike and a host of others, these are a bunch of people who mean well for their fatherland.

    A probe into Ribadu’s activities was long overdue.

  4. Babalola Samuel

    I see the above comments as a way of making the ordinary Nigerian hate Nuhu Ribadu – A TRUE NIGERIAN. He is loved by all who do not support corruption so it is not suprising to see people come up with comments that do not speak well of anyone. May God raise more men like Ribadu in this generation.

  5. Crap. They are happy he is gone. They are the biggest thieves ever. They should probe themselves first.

    Career criminals calling themselves dis-honourable members.

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