Ribadu Violated Laws To Please Obasanjo –Banjo

Governorship candidate of the National Conscience Party (NCP), in the April 2007 elections, Lanre Banjo, has accused the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nuhu Ribadu, of destroying his credibility by violating laws relating to the trial of alleged corrupt leaders to satisfy the caprices of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

According to him, the National Assembly should amend the laws establishing the body to prevent the emergence of sacred cows who may wish to circumvent the laws of the commission.

He said the laws should be amended such that it would be a crime for any helmsman of the commission to refuse to investigate any petition sent against anybody to it.

According to him, “Ribadu also violated the people’s right to please Obasanjo.”

He wondered why the EFCC chairman did not act when the former president asked him to act in relation to the corrupt governors’ list presented to him.

In an interview with Sunday Independent, Banjo said the currents travails of the EFCC chairman was the result of the seed planted by Obasanjo to influence the running of the anti-corruption crusade while he was in power.

To avoid the personalisation of the operations of the EFCC, he urged the National Assembly to amend the laws establishing the commission to make it function more effectively with whoever heads it being able to be subjected to periodic screening by the legislature.

Said he: “To re-build the commission, Ribadu could be in Kuru and the other officials in the commission could be meeting with him during weekends where he can still direct the affairs of the commission right form Kuru until a patriotic Nigerian with guts is found to replace him.”

Banjo said placing the EFCC under the control of the president would make it possible for the state to manipulate the chairman and make him a sacred cow.



One response to “Ribadu Violated Laws To Please Obasanjo –Banjo

  1. Mr Lanre Banjo’s very first statement (paragraph 1) is in direct contrast to the one in the 5th paragraph: On one hand, he claims Nuhu Ribadu was Obasanjo’s puppet who circumvented the law to please his boss, whilst on the other hand, he queries why Nuhu didn’t act on OBJ instructions regarding prosecution of corrupt Governors.

    He also advocates that any complaint to the EFCC must be statutorily investigated. Of course, that would be wonderful in an ideal world but in our world, such statement makes one wonder if Mr Banjo understands at all, the very concept of the Rule of Law, the justice system or whether he just lacks commonsense. How on earth, any investigating agency is expected to investigate all complaints in a country of 140 million without any sort of discretion is beyond me. By all means, if there’s incontrovertible evidence presented with such complaint and if it comes under EFCC’s remit then why not! But we mustn’t forget that we Nigerians are the sort that, at best, thrive in circumstantial evidence and, at worst, are nurtured in rumour mongering. Yes, where else is the rumour capital of the world? Can anyone imagine 2 million complaints against the President every year with little or no cast iron proof???

    I think Mr Banjo is only talking because he wants to make frivolous headlines. It is clear that some people are in politics to DO something whilst the others are in it to BE something. Where does Lanre Banjo fit in?

    I hope Lanre Banjo realises that his statement is not in consonance with that of his party leader’s – Gani Fawehinmi.

    Anyway, having had some kind of contact with Mr. Banjo in the past, I do know that he waffles on a bit.

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