Ribadu Under Probe Over Mansions In Dubai, Abuja

It seems the Police High Command has begun a probe of sleaze buster, Nuhu Ribadu – who, himself, has ferreted the cupboards of the great and the small in the past five years as Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Chairman.

Ribadu: No longer at ease?

It was learnt at the weekend that the police authorities are in possession of dozens of petitions from corporate bodies, and individuals accusing Ribadu of sundry vices, among them graft.

It is alleged that he owns a mansion in the Palm beach area of Dubai where his wife stayed for the most part of last year.

But a source close to Ribadu explained that the house was a “gift” from a Northern business tycoon (name withheld).

There is also the allegation that he bought the official residence of former Inspector General of Police, Sunday Ehindero, for N200 million and paid it in cash.

The house is on Mambilla Street near Aso Drive in the Maitama area of Abuja.

The petitioners alleged that Ribadu engaged in business activities that breached his oath of office.

“I think it is after a careful study of these petitions the Police High Command is working on those that may have substance,” a police source said.

Ribadu may face an inquiry after evidence is established against him, although there is disagreement in the House of Representatives over which committee should probe the EFCC.

Besides, the House Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes has summoned him over the directive by the police authorities to send him on course at the Nigerian Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Kuru, Jos.

Committee Chairman, Dave Salako, explained in Abuja on Sunday that the controversy generated by the directive made it imperative for him to appear before the committee.

He claimed ignorance of moves by members of the Lower House under the aegis of Integrity Group (IG) to initiate a probe of the EFCC, stressing that his committee is the appropriate one to do it.

Some members of the IG met at the weekend during which they resolved to initiate a probe of the EFCC when the House reconvenes on Wednesday.

But Salako said his committee, which has oversight functions on the EFCC, had already begun investigating its activities before now, and would progress that with the appearance of Ribadu.

More disclosures have equally emerged on why the Presidency approved Ribadu’s study leave.

President Umaru Yar’Adua may have acted on a memorandum written on April 3, 2003 by Aliyu Mohammed, the Chief of Staff to President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The memo, copied to all security agencies and all departments in the Presidency, argued that Ribadu’s appointment as EFCC Chairman was an anomaly which needed to be corrected, in accordance with the EFCC Act 2002.

Mohammed said the appointment contravened the Act which stipulates that the EFCC Chairman should be an officer not below the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG).


The memo stated that Ribadu was, at the time, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, and that all ex-officio members of the EFCC were by far senior to him


– Daily Independent


4 responses to “Ribadu Under Probe Over Mansions In Dubai, Abuja

  1. ANYBODY who “Lives in a glass house, must not throw stones”!

    I HOPE this is a mere FALSE accussation! If not
    Nuhu MUST go!

  2. It is all politics. Nigerian should pray; the country is under leadership curse. They dont want who will do it well

  3. Peter D. Baker

    All the top officials’ of the Nigerian government should be investigated and all upfront fees and charges should be stoped, since this is the cause of the 419 frauds within Nigeria

  4. I think, the entire nation lacks of the good Courage of good Leadership
    Is only the allmighty God that would help this our pride Nation out Nigeria

    Long live NIgeria

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