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  1. Dear Sirs/Madams.

    I wish to share with submitted proposal of Modified Rotation Principle for 2018 World Cup Finals for worldwide discussion in your media, and also believe that most of the soccer fans and officials, even your Government would interest in my proposal; if you have the column for “Letter to the editor”. In addition, in order to let the local people to read my article, you are advised to translate my article to the domestic language for them easy perusal.


    CH Kan.

    Subject: Modified Rotation Principle for 2018 World Cup Finals

    Dear all Soccer Fans.

    Why recently only has one candidate to bid the hosting World Cup Finals 2014? Most likely to some of the nations, the threshold may be too high of independently to organize this large scale event. Furthermore, timing would be their stumbling block; it is very hard to make the decision to organize this large scale event after six years, because too much uncertainties would be happened, specifically finance and resources would be their most concerned issue.

    However, the Reform Train has been moving forward since 2002, it is no reason to make a U-turn to resume the outdated system for 2018. The rotation principle still has plenty of rooms for improvement. Since rotation principle shall end in 2018, can we modify the rotation principle rather than going back to the outdated system?

    Everybody should know that the defending champion nation has already not entitled to receive an automatic berth in the finals, why the host nation has the exemption? For that reason, it is the right time to come up with the modified rotation principle which must be a fair and open and transparent, abolish the host nation’s privilege, and allocate more nations involved in the World Cup Finals. The criteria and rules of game are summarized below.

    1. The first principle is only qualified 32 nations are entitled to bid hosting World Cup Finals.
    2. The qualified nation’s relative facilities should fulfill the FIFA requirement, such as the capacity of the stadium, accommodation, transportation, environment and security.
    3. The host nation would be increased from one to four nations, but each continent only has one host nation. Apart from Europe (53 nations) and Africa (53 nations) are considered an independent entity; North, Central America (35 nations), and South America (10 nations), Asian (46 nations) and Oceania (11 nations) require to be combined an independent entity respectively. Adding that in accordance with the latest arrangement from FIFA, the winner of Oceania will play a play-off against Asian side.
    4. Each qualified nation shall be responsible for two groups of matches, last 16 and quarter-final, until to determine the winner of the two groups (one of the semi-final).
    5. Finally, determined by draw lot, two host nations would organize semi-final, and the other two host nations would respectively organize the third-place match and final match.

    Advantages of the Modified Rotation Principle
    1. Don’t encourage free lunch. To be a real champion nation, it should be step by step examined by the highly competitive qualifying cycles and World Cup Finals, no exemption to anyone. Therefore, to develop a fair and open and transparent biding system is required.
    2. The modified rotation principle would attract more novice nations to bid the World Cup Finals; because it would be ease of the work load just being one quarter (16 matches) of the present work load (64 matches). Furthermore, the preparation time for the event would be shortening than present. As a result, more nations would have the opportunity to develop the experience of hosting World Cup Finals. In accordance with the record of host nations in the past eighteen sessions, only 15 nations had the opportunity to host the Finals from 1930 to 2006 as long as seventy-six years. Whereas, under the modified rotation principle, after the next four sessions, sixteen nations will be involved in hosting the World Cup Finals.
    3. While the marketplace enlarges three times, the economic benefit naturally would be more than the present advantages.
    4. No matter what the companies are large scales or small, domestic or global, they all would welcome their product and service to be promoted directly in the four different continents through the World Cup Finals event. Meanwhile, more companies would directly sponsor the event in the host nations and continents, so as to develop the public relations and corporate image.
    5. Given that the World Cup finals are hosted by four nations, which they would invest more resources and talents to organize the event. Furthermore, it shall massively create more job and commercial opportunities in their nations.
    6. That is the great chance of organizing opening ceremony to promote their nation’s culture and historical development to the soccer fans. In addition, hosting World Cup Finals would be beneficial to promote their nation’s reputation and image in the world.
    7. In addition to the host nation’s people, soccer fans would have four options of their tour destination; which provide different national culture and sight seeing points. They have options traveling either across other continents or within their own continent. Eventually, the tour industry could benefit from the World Cup Finals.
    8. Directly motivates more potential nations to improve or reinvest their facilities to meet the FIFA requirement; because the opportunity for hosting World Cup Finals would be greater than before.
    9. By four nations’ people to host the World Cup Finals is further match with the “worldwide participation” in the four different continents.

    Right now, since FIFA has already nominated Brazil to host World Cup Finals 2014, we have plenty of times to study the feasibility of the modified rotation principle, or to put forward alternative constructive proposal for World Cup finals 2018. It is absolutely impossible going back to the free lunch era.

    Any sport activities, if lack of commercial sponsor; it is very hard to well develop. However, the present situation is too many enterprises willing to sponsor World Cup Finals event, but the marketplace (one host nation) is limited. In order to balance the supple and demand, it should enlarge the existing marketplace; as a result, more enterprises would sponsor the event, more income from print media, advertising, TV, radio, tournament ticket and souvenirs; eventually the lump sum bonus for the 32 qualified teams would be more than before. That is multi-win situation.

    Yours truly,

    CH Kan (Hong Kong)

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